Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Your girlfriend wakes up amazingly refreshed as if nothing has been happening the last three days. She is all smiles and very energetic.

“Oh Ross! I feel so rested and refreshed this morning! I feel like I can do anything!” Rachel says as she literally hops around and gets dressed.

Everyone gets out of the house in good order. But you wonder what it’s going to be like later when she gets home. It nags at you all day.

Rachel texts you saying she’s going to be late and asking if you could get the boys. You tell her not to worry about a thing. Rachel doesn’t come home until after you’ve put both boys to bed and they have been sleeping soundly for at least an hour.

“Hi Rachel… are you okay? What happened? Why are you so late coming home?” you ask in a staccato of questions.

Rachel hobbles over to where you’re sitting and you can see the crotch of her pants are soaking wet. The wetness extends down to the inside of her thighs on both legs.

“Why is your crotch all wet, Rachel? Did you pee yourself?” you ask impulsively.

Rachel looks up at you with big weepy eyes. “I didn’t pee myself Ross… it’s all of John’s semen leaking out of me. I’m so full of his sperm right now. I can still feel it sloshing around inside my womb!”

“What?! That’s a lot of cum! How many times did he cum inside you?” you ask, not being careful of your girlfriend’s fragile feelings.

“Oh Ross… John started as soon as I came into work this morning. He brought me into his office, told his secretaries to cancel all of his appointments for the day and tell everyone he wasn’t in work today. Then he had me get on all fours like a dog and pushed his penis into me so hard I actually screamed.”


“It was shocking. Then he pumped his giant penis into me several times and began spurting right away. So much came out of him, Ross! I could feel the jets of his semen blasting away at my cervix. The tip of his giant penis was pushed right up against it and I could feel the jets streaming directly into my uterus over and over again!” Rachel explains.

“Holy cow… then what happened?” you ask, strangely wanting to hear how your girlfriend was taken against her will by her depraved boss.

“Well… I thought he would be done for at least a little bit. But he wasn’t. He only stayed still inside me like that for only another minute, just long enough for him to stop ejaculating into me, then he began pumping in and out of me,” Rachel tells you as her body does an involuntary shiver.

“How long did he do it to you the second time? He stopped after the second one right?” you ask, knowing you’ve only been able to jerk off twice in a row only once in your entire lifetime… including when you were a young, healthy and horny teen.

“Oh my God Ross! John filled me with his sperm after only ten minutes… then again ten minutes after that… then again ten minutes after too! Oh Ross, he spurted his sperm-filled semen into me so many times today I lost count!” Rachel says and begins to sob.

“It must only have felt like that… I mean… how many times can a man ejaculate in one day?” you say incredulously.

“It must have been at least twenty times before lunch, Ross. I don’t think he took his gigantic penis out of my vagina between 9am and 1pm when he told me to order us lunch. Then he went to the bathroom and when he returned, he was just as erect as before and pushed his penis all the way inside me until food came,” Rachel said meekly. “Oh Ross… then he had one of his secretaries bring the food in while we were both naked and me with his penis all but buried inside my vagina!” Rachel says and openly cried.

As much as you want to be empathetic, you are completely absorbed by the story of her being completely and utterly possessed sexually by her boss. “Was the secretary shocked?”

“No! She barely glanced at me, but when she did she gave me a knowing smile… then John took the food from her and asked how his baby inside her belly was growing! He had done this to her as well!” Rachel says with wide eyes.

“Oh God…” is all you can think to say.

“The woman said the baby is doing well and offered to help him with me! And John agreed!” Rachel said.