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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Just as you are about to nod off to sleep, you jolt awake. Damn that was close, you nearly forgot to set the alarm! You pick up your phone and thumb the password. When it unlocks there is the picture Rachel sent you with her boobs on display. You thumb through the rest of the messages. Oh shit! You never wiped Rachel’s phone. You leap out of bed and grab her phone off the night table, and quickly wipe the sext messages and photos.

On a whim you check, and sure enough, Rachel had automatic upload to DropBox turned on. You know she doesn’t password-protect DropBox, so you go into it and delete the pictures from there too. Wow, how close was that? Rachel would have just handed it over to those two IT geeks tomorrow!

As you climb back into bed, you wonder what messages you’ll get from your slutty girlfriend tomorrow.