Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You and Rachel get to the strip club and find that it is hopping. There are big bright lights and a line of men and women waiting to get in.

“I didn’t know women went to these places!” Rachel comments, genuinely surprised.

“Yeah… I guess they do. Times have definitely changed and so has this place. It wasn’t as bright and clean as this last time I was here,” you say, equally surprised. When Jamie took you here in your early twenties, the place was dark, smelly and worst of all… sticky. The only thing that overcame your repulsion back then was your extreme horniness as a young buck.

You and Rachel get in line and a big black bouncer walks up and down the line. Seeing Rachel, he approaches. “Hey little lady, wanna cut the line? We’d love to have such a beautiful woman as you inside versus waiting outside with these guys.”

Rachel looks up at you and you nod your head. The two of you are at the end of the line of more than fifty people and it’s a bit chilly outside.

“Sure big guy… would love to be inside, but only if my man can come too!” Rachel says with a smile on her face, while holding your arm tightly.

“Any man who brings such a beautiful woman is welcome too… come on!” he says and leads the two of you past all the jealous faces. Most of them are male and definitely undressing every last stitch of Rachel’s clothing in their minds.

The bouncer brings the two of you to the pay window. “So tonight is amateur night. If you want to try your hand at getting on the stage and doing your thang, we can let you in free…”

Rachel looks at you, and you nod back with a smile. It might be fun for her to get up there in front of all those people and strut her stuff. And you won’t have to share her body with anyone either like she wanted. Rachel might get satisfied with just exposing herself to hundreds of horny men!

“I’ll give it a try. It’s safe right? I’m not gonna get jumped and dragged to a dark corner and raped or anything like that?” Rachel says, looking deep into the bouncers eyes.

“No way pretty lady. I’m gonna be in there next to the stage. Anyone tries anything even remotely funny and I toss them like a sack of potatoes… I promise!” he says and places his big black hand on Rachel’s shoulder in a gesture of reassurance. His big hand covers her entire shoulder, with his thumb nearly reaching her nipple.

“Thanks… what’s your name?” Rachel asks leaning in close to the guys face.

“Call me Marcus.”

The bouncer herds you over to a table and a woman comes by and hands Rachel a ticket with a number on it. It says two. It also has a list of songs that apparently she’s supposed to pick to dance to.

After making her choices, the woman comes back and says go to that door in ten minutes and they will get you ready for your show.

There is already another woman there smiling nervously as she enters. A few minutes later the woman appears on stage and does a pretty poor job of dancing erotically. Not flexible, not very toned, not really much to look at. There were a few dollars tossed onto the stage for her efforts, and the woman eagerly collected the dough and scurried off the stage.

You turn to giggle with Rachel to find she is already entering the dressing room. A few minutes later she appears in the doorway wearing a skimpy glittery thong and micro-sized top.

The music starts and Rachel begins swaying to the music. She closes her eyes and rubs her body like you’ve never seen before. She is the most beautiful woman in the club and the throng of men become loud, trying to get her to come closer to where they are sitting.

Bills start flying into the stage and within the first two minutes, her top goes flying and there must be two hundred dollars on the stage. Shaking her ass and walking, then crawling around the edge of the stage, she somehow removes her bottom which goes flying as well.

There is a little scuffle between three men trying to grab her thong, but true to his word, Marcus materializes out of nowhere and literally lifts up the biggest guy of the bunch two feet off the ground. The guy must have weighed 250 pounds at least and Marcus had him securely as if he was holding up a sheaf of papers.

Turning to wink at Rachel he carries the man at arms-length to the door. The other two guys have disappeared. The guy being carried struggles for a moment before realizing he has no chance and stops struggling.

Rachel continues dancing and not only is she rained on by dollar bills, there are a bunch of fives, tens, and twenties. She was always a quick study and she makes sure to spend more time near the bigger bills, showing off her tits, ass and pussy.

When the song ends, Rachel curtsies with a coy smile after collecting what must have been nearly five hundred dollars to a raucous cheer from the men around the stage.

After she disappears from view, they begin to chant, “Again! Again! Again! Again!”