Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

After some deep thought you come up with this. “Okay, I’m fine with Monica tagging along.”

“Awesome! I’ll text her and let know you’re on board!”

“One thing though…”

Rachel looks at you with slight worry.

“…the things we had planned for the New York trip are really romantic, kind of one on one type of things. It’ll be kind of awkward with Monica there, so what if we took a different kind of trip? What if we cashed in our tickets for New York and got ones for Cancun, did an all-inclusive. We can have our romantic parts but we can also still all party together?”

“That’s a great idea babe! I’ll run it by Monica.”

Rachel gets on her phone to text Monica. You sit there containing your smirk, since NYC was all Rachel’s idea in the first place and you had no real desire to go there. Plus the thought of chilling on a beach with a cold drink and two beautiful women in bikinis sounds alright to you.

“Monica loves it. I’m so glad you’re alright with sharing our trip, Ross. This will be so much fun!” Your girlfriend rolls over and gives you a deep kiss. “I’m going to look for some new bathing suits. I don’t have much time. So much to do.”

“Well I’ll take care of all the accommodations tomorrow, you just make sure you get something extra-skimpy for the beach.”

“Well play your cards right and I won’t be wearing much of anything,” she winks at you and leans in for another kiss.