Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

Rachel thinks about it but no one comes to mind, at least no one she would be comfortable posing nude with.

She calls Mike back. “Hey Mike, I thought about it and no one really comes to mind, I mean I would be fine posing with my boyfriend but I don’t think he’s the guy you’re looking for, at least not for this type of photoshoot.”

“I see…”

“I know it’s not ideal for you but if you can’t find anyone I would be fine posing with you, and Josephine will be there too, right?”

Mike lets out a big sigh. “Yes it’s less than ideal but I think if we do some strategic solo shots and just keep my involvement minimal it should work. And yes of course Josephine will be there to assist. If that works for you, we are keen to get the book done.”

“Yes that works. I guess I’ll see you Saturday morning then?”

“See you then, Rachel. Have a good night.”

Rachel hangs up the phone and begins feeling very excited but most of all nervous again especially remembering back to Mike’s cock twitching at the thought of her naked. Now they’ll be naked together. At least his wife will be there to keep him in check.