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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

The next morning is a rush, as you forgot to set the alarm in your exhausted state from the “role play” before bed. Playing the part of two guys double teaming your girlfriend really takes it outta ya! Your mind wonders back and you smile. Ah, how lucky you are to have a sexy girlfriend like Rachel, and thankful that, as it turns out, she also quite a slut!

While pondering what your girlfriend might come up with next, your phone buzzes. Excitedly you fish it out of your pocket.

Rachel: Last night was sooo fun. I want it again tonight.

You: I think I did my back in.

Rachel: Haha. Maybe they can switch places this time?

You: Huh?

Rachel: Tim can do me from behind and I can suck Dan off?

You: Slut. You’re really getting off on that aren’t ya?

Rachel: Seems so.

Smiling at the thought of how much fun you’ll have again tonight, and trying to hide the growing erection tenting in your pants, you head off to the usual daily grind that is your work. A few hours later, you are sitting down to eat and your phone buzzes.

Rachel: Hey honey this new phone is sweet! Forgot to swap them over last night. Only just remembered now.

You: Nice.

Rachel: Yeah glad to be rid of the old one.

You: I bet. Tim and Dan help you out? LOL

Rachel: Haha. Just dropped the old phone off. We had a little chat and I left.

You: Do tell.

Rachel: Well — I did loosen a few buttons again.

You: That’s all? Didn’t let them double-end you over the mainframe??? hahahahaha

Rachel: How rude! No, I didn’t but they did enjoy talking to my boobs.

You: Hehe IT geeks LOL. If only they knew huh?

Rachel: LOL. C u at home xxx

Rachel walks in the door at home just as you are sitting down to watch the news. “Hey Ross, check out the phone!”

She passes it to you and you look it over. “Nice! Bet this is zippier than the old one?” you ask as she takes off her coat. You raise your eyebrows at the buttons still undone on her dress. “Gee whiz! Didn’t you bother making yourself presentable, woman?”

“Nah, too many guys stood up on the bus who could use a thrill! Anyway, I swapped out the SIM card into my new phone before I gave the old one back to Tim and Dan. I didn’t let them near it, like you said. So all good!” chirps Rachel, looking very pleased with herself.

“Ah, honey, the pictures and texts aren’t stored on the SIM card these days. They’re on the actual phone. Tell me you’re joking, right?” you say, feeling the nerves rising in your stomach.

Rachel looks at you for a second, then laughs.

“Haha, sure thing. You almost had me!”

“Nope, I’m serious. You did manually delete the texts and pics right?”

You see Rachel’s face go white, as she raises a hand to her mouth. “No, I really didn’t. I honestly thought — Oh God. Tim and Dan have it. They won’t look at it, will they? I mean, they wouldn’t. It’s private right?”

Trying to stay calm, you reply, “I’m sure they won’t” But your mind can’t help thinking that Tim and Dan were treated to quite the show the last two days. And hell, they’re IT geeks. No way will they not see what they can find. It’s not like Rachel’s passcode would take Einstein to crack: 2 5 8 0.

Despite your fears of a dreaded text message from Tim and Dan, the evening passes uneventfully. Rachel seems to relax as the evening goes on, opens a bottle of wine, and is just a little drunk when you head to bed. As you are getting comfortable, Rachel reaches over and starts rubbing your crotch. She slides her hand inside your pants and grips your growing erection, nuzzling your neck.

“Ross, I want you to do me. Like we talked about. Switch places. I want to suck Dan and have Tim take me from behind. I want that so badly. Please?”

You roll over, and drag her off the bed, making her bend over, resting on her hands. Slapping her ass, you tell her, “Okay whatever my little whore wants!” and slowly feed your dick into her. You can’t believe how wet she is already. She feels so good.

“My mouth, make me suck you Dan. I want to. Please?”

With that, you reach forwards and slide two fingers into her open mouth. She starts sucking on them instantly, using the rhythm of your fucking to force your fingers past her lips and into her mouth, running her tongue over them as they go in and out. Within a minute she starts to come, her pussy clenching on your dick and her pretty mouth sucking furiously on your fingers. She pushes you away and collapses on the bed.

“What the hell?” you complain “I haven’t cum yet!”

“Sorry honey, I’m exhausted now. Tim and Dan really wore me out. How about I stroke you off?” Not waiting for an answer your girlfriend slowly rubs your dick. “I wonder if this is how Tim likes it? Looong slow strokes?” she purrs in your ear. “Would Dan like it this way too? Or maybe faster?” she asks, speeding up.

“Oh god!” you yelp, blowing your wad.

“Hmm. That was quick — maybe I’m not the only one enjoying the idea of your girlfriend servicing Tim and Dan?” giggles Rachel.

You both laugh, and within minutes are sleeping soundly.