Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You and Rachel agree that even though technology has come a long way, where in the hell would she hide that wire?

You make a plan for her to go to her job interview where is she would put on a dance onstage as her audition, and you would go and sit in the audience to watch.

You and Rachel drive to the strip club separately — Rachel going in the employees entrance and you paying the exorbitant fees and getting a 100 singles to hand out to the strippers as part of your cover.

There are only two stages in the place so you pick a spot between the two right up front next to couple of nasty looking guys that are disheveled, smelly, and have a strange look in their eyes. They both have spots right up front with huge stacks of singles, fives, tens and twenties in front of them. You position yourself right behind these guys, which presents you with the next best angle.


Rachel got to the strip club and headed to the employees entrance like she was told on the phone. It was also exciting. Her outfit was in a small bag, and she was dressed in a conservative jeans and a T-shirt. The bouncer knew she was coming and ushered her into a large office with a couple of couches and a dirty looking bed.

Two men were sitting behind the desk, one right behind it and the other off to the side

“Welcome to the hottest strip joint in town little lady, and let’s get this started,” said the man sitting behind a desk.

The man off to the side said, “As we talked about on the phone, this is a full strip joint. Meaning that every stripper that goes out on stage will get 100% naked and I’m gonna let you know our strippers do a lot of shit on stage. Most people don’t know this, but in this state dancers on stage can do pretty much whatever they want. They just can’t do any of that shit with the customers.”

The man behind the desk chimes in, “Yeah, as far as the State is concerned, any act on stage between employees is just that. An act. We just can’t let the customers touch you or do things to you or do things to them. Got it?”

Rachel sits with that information for a little while before answering, “So what kind of stuff do most of the strippers do when they are on stage?”

The man sitting off to the side answers. “Most of the strippers play with themselves. A lot of times they will finger-fuck their own pussies, or bring some toys on stage and keep them to the side, then pull them out and use on themselves. The most popular dancers bring other dancers on the stage with them and do things to each other… Including fucking each other’s brains out!”

Rachel sat and stared at the man. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. This was a lot more than she had expected. Rachel was pretty sure she was not ready to play with herself or use toys in front of all those depraved men let alone have sex on stage with anyone.

She recovered quickly from her shock. “We talked about private dances. What happens in those and where does it happen”

The man behind the desk answers, “We have an open area with a dozen alcoves where people can get the $50, $100, and $200 Iap dances. The $50 gets you five minutes. $100 gets 10. $200 gets 20. And then there are the private rooms.”

“Private rooms?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah. We have four private rooms where paying customers can have a dancer all to themselves for an hour or more,” the man off to the side explained.

“You mean the customer and the dancer are all alone in the room with the doors closed? No one watching?” Rachel asked with intense curiosity, and then almost regretted it because the two men looked at each other for a couple of seconds before the man behind the desk answered.

“Well, Rachel that’s where the big bucks are. The stuff out on the stage that’s a chump change for the dancers. A one hour private room dance costs $1000, half of which goes to the dancer. That doesn’t include any tips the dancer might earn. A good dancer might come out of that with $1000 cash in their hands.”

Rachel thought about that for a minute. If any sketchy prostitution ring was happening, that’s where it would happen, away from prying eyes Rachel knew if she was going to bust this crime syndicate she would have to get into those rooms.

“So… what do the dancers do for the customer in those very private rooms?”Rachel asked nervously.

The man behind the desk and look deadpan into Rachel’s eyes. “What… Ever… They… Want.”

That was the cue for Rachel. That all but confirmed for her that this place was prostituting the dancers. Now she just needed to go out there and get the proof.

“Hey, did you hear me?” the man behind the desk asked.

Rachel finally registered that the man asked her if she was ready to go dance on stage. “Yes, I’m ready to go!”