Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel returns to the waiting area and her skin is pink from being so flushed with heat. You see her chest heaving up and down, her eyes distant from having just orgasmed, but needing to stay sitting to wait for her third lap dance customer.

All of a sudden, a big Asian man walks up and speaks to your girlfriend. You can see her eyes go wide and she speaks quickly, her hands on her breasts and her crotch in an effort to cover up. The man briefly turns to look your way and you recognize the man as Rachel’s boss, John.

There is some rapid but brief conversation, Rachel’s face obviously bright red with total embarrassment. Who would have guessed her boss would frequent a place like this?

You watch in nervous anticipation because your family totally depends on her job’s very good income to live. Within a minute, you see Rachel’s face calm down a bit and her hands fall to the side, allowing a full frontal view to John. When the bell rings, Rachel stands up, grabs her boss’s hand and leads him to a cubicle near the front. You can see clearly from your vantage point.

Rachel starts in front of her boss and begins to sway, her tribal tramp stamp looking especially trampy right now. Within a minute, John’s hands have reached up and are holding your girlfriend’s swaying hips. It looks like he is gently pulling her to him. Rachel has her hands in her perfect tits, sensuously massaging them as she approaches her boss.

Within another minute, Rachel is straddling John’s lap, her bare pussy resting on top of the biggest bulge you have seen all night. It looks like he has a baseball bat in his pants. When Rachel begins rub her pussy up and down his bulge, his hands come up to grip her tits. You see Rachel’s head tilt back in pleasure. Her eyes closed tightly as her body shakes with pleasure. A few more minutes of this and you can see John’s crotch is a much darker color than the rest of his pants.

John’s hands release her tits and reach around to grab her ass cheeks. He massages her for a minute before you see his big fingers move in toward her asshole and dripping wet pussy. You see the fingers from one hand rubbing her puckered asshole and the other reaching further down to glide over her slit. Rachel just keeps swaying and rubbing herself all over her boss as if he was just another customer.

With just about five minutes left, Rachel turns her body around and leans against John’s surprisingly big torso. Your Rachel’s toned athletic body looks very small against him.

Rachel wraps an arm around her boss’s neck, turning her body slightly so that if John leaned his head in, he could get his lips to lock down on her hard as pebbles nipples. John’s hands reach around with one hand cupping and massaging a tit, and the other reaching down to massage her pussy.

You just can’t believe the bouncer and this place allows such flagrant touching, but you are glad they are so lax because your cock is so hard it hurts.

You keep watching as Rachel pulls her boss’s head into her closest tit. John accepts the tit without and hesitation, his mouth locking down on a third of her tit. You can see his hand on the other tit squeeze it hard enough to make white spots around his fingers.

The other hand surges down and into her pussy, three of his big fingers pushing into Rachel’s pussy and catapulting her body into a massive orgasm. Her body shakes uncontrollably with pleasure. John’s mouth clamped on one tit, his hand holding and massaging the other and his other hand thrusting in and out of her spasming pussy as fast as he can… what a sight!

John and Rachel time it perfectly so that by the time the bored bouncer rings the bell to sound the end of the lap dance period, he is now only gently sucking, no longer squeezing the other tit and his three fingers inside her pussy are not moving.

Rachel leans in and gives John a long tongue-kiss and walks with a bit of a wobble to the waiting area as John walks out into the general area.