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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

It is around 9:00am when Rachel rouses you awake from your bondage. The vibrator puttered out after cumming 12 times, though by then, there was a lot of cum left in your balls. You ache from the strict bondage that you were kept in and have to massage your shoulders to get feeling back into them. Stumbling upstairs, you hear Rachel call out.

“The girls and I made your breakfast.” At the mention of food your stomach rumbles, so you click clack in your heels all the way to the dining table. There waiting is a stack of pancakes, with the three strap-ons from last night on top. Each strap-on is dribbling a mystery liquid, waterfalling all the way down the stack. Next to your breakfast is a note:

Eat up slut, it may be the only solid you have today.

Following the notes advice, you begin to eat the pancakes, the bitter liquid dominating the taste. You persevere and finish the stack.

“You need to change babe,” Rachel says, walking into the dining room. “C’mon.” She grabs your wrist and pulls you into the bathroom, then undresses you and inspects your legs. Noticing your stubble returning she shaves your legs again, before suddenly snapping something onto your cock. Looking down you recognise a chastity cage.

“Don’t worry,” your girlfriend reassures you. “It is so you won’t get all hard in public.”

Unhappy, you sit back in your chair while your girlfriend touches up your makeup. A spotty bra and panty set makes you ready to walk to your room to get dressed. Awaiting you is a powder-blue dress, with matching tights and heels, with a light pink cardigan to match. Unsure of the outfit you slip it on and inspect yourself. You are amazed by the brilliant simplicity of it. The cardigan tightly hugs your frame, and shows off your generous chest, while the dress flares out to a conservative knee length, making people wonder what’s underneath. The tights add a cute ‘fuck me’ vibe, and the heels enhance your calves, making you into a pretty hot piece of ass at the end of the day.

“Ready babe?” Rachel asks as she walks in. She is wearing thigh-high boots, jean shorts that almost cover her ass and a white sleeveless crop top. Around her neck she wears a key, for your you-know-what. Your cock strains at the sight of her but can’t get erect.

“I guess, but I can’t put my phone anywhere,” you say, flustered.

“Oh, silly me,” she replies, as she reaches into the closet, to give you a cute shoulder bag that matches your dress. “Let’s go.”

She grabs your arm and pulls you out the door.