Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You wake up to the sounds of grunting and moaning from two people. You’re so disoriented you’re not really sure where you are. Then you have an intense panic moment as you suddenly think you might have fallen asleep watching porn with the volume turned way up.

“Oh fuck!” you mumble through the hazy fog in your brain. You try to get up but you have such an intense headache it feels like a hangover.

It takes nearly a minute before you are able to focus your eyes on your bed where John is still pounding his giant and very hard cock into your girlfriend’s pussy. There is so much of his thick white cum at this point that it has overflowed the edge of the bed and is oozing down the side of the comforter in a river of liquid and forming a puddle on the floor.

“Oh God John! When does this stop? How is this possible? Oh God your cock is still so hard!” you hear Rachel moan.

“Oh fuck Rachel! Your pussy is mine! I love fucking it and filling it with my sperm! Nngghhh! Take this cock in your pussy Rachel! Take it all Rachel!” John growls at your girlfriend as his pumping accelerates to three or four thrusts per second.

You watch in disbelief as John keeps up this pace for the next thirty minutes. Every pore on Rachel’s body is leaking sweat and her skin is literally glowing pink. Your girlfriend is also gulping air, but still gasping as if there isn’t enough air in the world.

“No more John… I just can’t take this much fucking… please no more… my pussy is on fire!” Rachel begs her boss to stop fucking her.

John pushes into her and lets loose with a massive load of cum. There’s so much it squishes out around his thick shaft after half a dozen spurts. When he is done cumming, John keeps his cock buried balls-deep in your girlfriend and lays on her.

“Oh thank God John… thank you for stopping… I just can’t take any more… I can’t stop cumming all over your cock as you fuck me so hard…” Rachel says, her arms rubbing John’s sweaty, muscular back.

“I’m not done with you yet Rachel!” John says and slowly begins to saw in and out of Rachel again. John leans in for a kiss and keeps his lips pressed against Rachel’s.

As intense as the last fucking was, this one is really nice and slow. Very gently does John’s long thick cock glide in and out of your girlfriend’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm…” Rachel moans through her kisses, no longer complaining about being fucked too hard.

John really takes his time and fucks her like this for nearly another hour before pushing his cock into her and filling her up again with another load of his sperm-filled cum.

John lays his head down on the pillow next to Rachel’s head and rests his considerable weight on Rachel, his cock remaining buried balls deep inside her. John closes his eyes and begins to breathe deep and regularly.

Rachel closes her eyes shortly afterwards and seems to fall asleep with John’s massive cock buried inside her pussy. You watch the two of them for a few minutes and fall asleep yourself.

You wake to the sounds of fucking again but this time, Rachel is on top, riding John’s cock. Her hips are moving nice and slowly, her pussy lips glowing red and swollen like they were experiencing an allergic reaction.