Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Home from the mall, you are laden with bags containing ‘Mandy’s’ new wardrobe. Rachel went a bit wild with your credit card, spending hundreds at stores like Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret, reassuring you it was so you could look pretty. Leaving the bags in your room, you enquire about the chastity cage you are still wearing. Public femme has excited you so much that your cock hurts from straining against that cage all day.

“Meet me in the bathroom in five, and we’ll see,” she says winking at you. You inspect the mirror and decide that you look great still, despite it being such a hot day, and after five minutes you walk into the bathroom. Rachel is standing there wearing a massive ten-inch strap-on.

“Let’s see then,” she says, motioning you to your knees. Spitting on it, your rub your hands up and down the massive member, lubing it up ready. You take eight inches for a few minutes before Rachel becomes impatient and grabs your head. She forces the cock down your throat, brutally face-fucking you for another ten minutes before the cock explodes down your throat, forcing you to take it into your stomach. You look up, asking the question with your eyes, but she squashes your hope. She walks out and you stare at your now-ruined make up. You fix it, and when you don’t look bad, Rachel shouts for you.

You scurry to her and she says, “Mandy, the girls are coming over, and we need entertainment, so you are going to showcase some new clothes for us! They will be here in five, so when you hear the music, it will begin! Okay?”

“Yes mistress,” you reply.

“Good girl” she exclaims, slapping you on the ass as you wiggle to your room.

As a rhythmic thumping vibrates through your room you know to start. Finishing your look, you check the mirror. Hair in pigtails, knitted cropped jumper, black skater skirt, knee socks and some black shoes, you look the perfect jailbait. Shuffling into the living room, you are met by the hollers of Amy, Beth, Verity and Rachel, all approving of your look. You approve of them, as well, as each is naked bar a 10 inch strap-on.

You lap the room blowing kisses, and are ready to change when someone shouts, “Dance baby!”

Smirking, you comply, grinding on the wall, up and down, giving a show as the girls thump on their fake cocks. After a minute you leave, and change into a leather dress that reaches a quarter of your thigh. You accompany this with some pantyhose and six-inch killer heels, and return to the girls. Strutting around you enjoy giving lap dances to the girls, even your step-sister (weird) and then give a little dance, bending over. Beth comes over and spanks your ass, working you up even more, forcing you to continue your show a little longer.

After several more outfits, including a rather sexy secretary get up, the girls call you over.

“We have a gift for the gorgeous model.” Rachel squeals. Each one jerks off their cocks into your mouth and you show them the fake cum before gulping it all down in one.

Tired, you go to your room and change into your femme pajamas without a second thought, and go straight to sleep.