Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“John… I think we have to stop this marathon of sex and insemination… I can’t feel my lower body anymore…” Rachel says as she rubs her boss’s sweaty back.

“Do we have to, Rachel? As you can see, your sweet pussy has kept my cock as hard as the first minute… I can probably keep fucking you and filling you up with more of my cum the rest of the day,” John says as he continues to saw his huge cock in and out of Rachel’s swollen pink pussy methodically and with long, deep strokes.

Breathlessly, Rachel says, “Maybe just one more hour… then I have to let my body recuperate. You have had your cock in me all night!”

“I’ll take it, Rachel…” John says as his thrusting accelerates and prevents Rachel from responding to him. His thrusting becomes aggressive and he is really pounding his giant cock into your girlfriend’s swollen, overworked pussy.

John is thrusting into Rachel so hard that her entire body moves up and down a couple inches with each thrust, and there is a loud thwack with each one. Rachel grunts loudly in time to each thrust.

A few minutes later John thrusts and stops, going rigid as his balls pull up into the base of his cock and begins pumping his sperm into your girlfriend again. Thirty seconds later he is pounding her pussy again.

Rachel orgasms every few minutes, her body shaking uncontrollably each time. Your girlfriend is constantly gasping for breath and the skin all over her body is a deep shade of pink from the intense workout. Her face is dripping with sweat and three times in the last hour her pussy has sprayed her musky, oily, sex juice that now covers a foot wide swath of both of their lower bodies between them.

The smell of sex and body odour is overwhelming. You feel your cock stirring and reach down to find you must have splurged while sleeping or have been oozing your sterile liquid while watching your girlfriend’s pussy get pummelled by her boss for the last hour or so since you woke. There’s a lot of gooey stuff all over your hard cock.

Instead of getting upset, you love how slippery and gooey it feels and begin stroking yourself under the blanket and in your tightie-whities. Less than a minute of stroking yourself under the blanket and you get so frustrated at the limited access that you throw off your blanket, and pull your underwear down to free your cock.

“Ah… that’s better! Now I can freely stroke myself!” you unconsciously say out loud as you begin to seriously stroke yourself.

Rachel and John both look over (John not stopping his thrusting) to look at you.

“Oh God Ross… you must really love this!” Rachel says right before her pussy sprays her juices against John’s pelvis as she launches into a powerful orgasm.

“Oh fuck Ross… I’m gonna fill Rachel’s little pussy with my sperm again!” John says, thrusts into your girlfriend hard and holds himself against her bucking lower body as he empties his nuts into her another time.

Watching your girlfriend getting filled with live sperm is triggering your deepest, darkest fantasy of seeing Rachel get pregnant by a powerful man with a giant cock. You explode in a fountain of cum that shoots up nearly three feet from your body and lands all over your chest. Half a dozen huge ropes of cum.

You pass out from the enormous expenditure of body fluids thinking how proud you were at the amount of liquid you shot out of yourself.