Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Leroy...)

You look down at Rachel’s hands. She is holding a jug of pure turpentine, and she eagerly makes your eye contact and nods her head in fits and starts. “I drink this, and my brain becomes immediately and irreparably damaged. If I don’t die. But the person you knew will be gone forever, and in her place will be this shell of a body that everyone can use for their own nasty fun. Do it. Do it to me or else I will do it to you and you can take my place!”

Your girlfriend raises the jug and you catch her hand but not forcefully. She struggles past and downs the entire two litres in one clean swallow. As you look in her eyes… you see the person recede as her pupils enlarge rapidly to engulf the entire colored portion of what used to be her pretty blue eyes. Her mouth drops open and drool spills out of her bottom lip to land on her skirt… which has already been soaked with her urine.

She pulls away from you and staggers towards the staircase… pausing in a feeble attempt to mount the bannister knob and flying into a rage when her needs aren’t satisfied, then she sees her religious father, pulling into the driveway on his return from the afternoon prayer meeting. Her eyes narrow as she bolts to the garage exit door.

You hear a few words, followed by a high-pitched scream and then muffled moans intermixed with gurgling sloppy splashes. You look through the garage window to see what used to be your girlfriend, impaling herself on the decapitated neck of your father in law, while his disembodied head looks on in horror… his mouth moving but unable to make a sound.

Your girlfriend looks over and meets your gaze. For the first time in a long time… she looks… happy.

Without even thinking you reach for another jug of turpentine.