Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by I love fantasy...)

The gorgeous vixens are now naked showing off their incredible tits and asses, with two gorgeous different pussies. Rachel’s is the smoothest you’ve ever seen, whereas Monica’s is neatly groomed with a thin line of pubic hair, like a guide for licking. They’re deeply embracing each other, kissing and gripping their perfect bodies. Ashley sits there watching, rubbing her pussy while they play.

“Mmmm… ladies this is cute and all but how may I help you? Anything you want — I’m all ears.”

“You ever eaten pussy?” asks Monica, pulling herself from Rachel’s lips.

“Many times, I’m good with my tongue. I once ate a girlfriend out for two hours, she came ten times!” says Ashley, eyeing Monica’s landing strip. “So how do you want to do this? I’d be happy to get you off first, Monica.”

“Sure, but let us warm you up first,” says Monica. She pulls Ashley in for a kiss, reaching behind her to squeeze and give her ass a big slap, leaving it jiggling for a while. Rachel grabs Monica’s face and pulls her in for a deep passionate French kiss. She reaches behind and starts fondling Monica’s breasts, moving her hands downward towards her pussy. She starts rubbing it, making her pussy nice and wet.

You grab the camera she set up and press record, something Ashley texted you about doing for safe keeping. This could even save your relationship one day.

Monica slides under Rachel and starts to eat her pussy. Ashley lies down and starts to lick her slit, putting her hands on her slim fit waist. You stare down at Ashley’s perfect ass and pussy, and decide ‘fuck it’ — or in this case, fuck her!

You grab Ashley’s plump ass and slide your rock hard cock into it. Her body shakes. “Ross!” she screams in pleasure, taking her tongue off Monica for a minute to enjoy and take in the pleasure of your shaft. “Oh Alex baby that’s what I needed! Oh Fuck that’s the spot!”

Ashley moves her fingers down to start fingering her pussy. Monica pulls Ashley’s head back on her slit and she resumes lapping it up, all while Rachel is getting slowly closer and closer to orgasming. “Oh fuck Monica, that’s good!” Monica’s moans are heard under the lapping and licking noises. You reach under and grab Ashley’s soft big breasts, which feel a lot like her daughter’s.

“Oh Rachel, um, Ashley you feel so good!” you catch yourself,

“Good save,” says Rachel.

“Ashley, I’m gonna cum!”

“That’s what I like to hear! Cum wherever you like sweetie, just save some for my pussy later!”

The first blast goes in her ass. You pull out and flip her over, with the second splattering all over her tits and chest. Ashley licks the remainder off your tip and returns to Monica.

“Fuck Monica, that’s the fucking spot, that’s it!” blurts out Rachel, entranced in a state of pleasure.

“Fuck I came,” says Rachel moving over. Monica slides up from under Rachel and gets up on her elbows. “Ashley, you know your stuff.”

“What can I say? I like to practice my skills.”

“You’re gonna make me cum!” says Monica closer to orgasm. “Ohhh Ashley that feels so good — don’t stop… fuck! Rachel, your mom made me cum!”

“Don’t, uhh, remind me,” says Rachel in the midst of fingering herself to the sight of Monica sweaty and covered in her juices. Ross, I let you fuck my mom so it’s only fair you fuck my best friend. Monica, I’ll eat your pussy if you let him give you a facial.“

“Deal!” Monica runs over to you. “So Ross baby, how do you want me to start? With a blowjob, titjob, handjob or straight to my pussy? If you eat it I’ll let you cum inside me.”

“Uh…” you say, unsure of your choice.

“Come on baby, make a choice,” says Rachel, antsy to watch you two fuck.