Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by punch sound effects...)

“I won’t stop pounding you, unless you say pumpkin, that was the deal,” you say right next to her face.

“Pump-” Janine tries to say in a desperate struggle, but is cut short when Rachel puts a ball gag in her mouth.

Misunderstanding her, you keep pumping her pussy, only harder and faster, causing Janine to tear up from both pain and pleasure.

“You’re probably wondering why we are doing this,” Rachel says to Janine in a snarly voice. “Here’s what’s gonna happen. My boyfriend is gonna impregnate you, , you slut.”

Janine’s eyes become wide open once she hears this.

“There are two reasons for this. One is payback for constantly trying to steal Ross from me with all your flirting and lies. And the second is because my fetish is to watch Ross impregnate some dumb whore and take complete control of her life, and you’re perfect for this,” Rachel says with a evil smile.

“But don’t worry, we will help raise the child,” you try to comfort Janine, but it doesn’t work.

Janine starts to convulse in an attempt to escape, but the ropes are too strong. You continue to smash her vagina with all your strength, while Rachel starts to touch herself.

“That’s right baby, fuck her, destroy her!” Rachel yells and then spits in her sister’s face.

Janine, now lost in pure maddening bliss, goes completely limp, trying to scream, but is unable due to the ball gag. The fucking goes on for hours, with you not giving any rest and Rachel sucking her sister’s tits.

“This will not stop until you are knocked up,” Rachel whispers in her ear.

“And I can go on for days,” you add.