Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by punch sound effects...)

After the bathroom fun time you talk to Rachel about continuing the fucking together with Monica in your house. Rachel, still panting from her pussy getting pounded repeatedly, gives a smirk and agrees. Meanwhile, Monica, still recovering from her orgasm, hears this and gets doubly excited, because she never had this kind of experience before.

“Oh Ross,” says Rachel, “how did you know one of my other fantasies was having a threesome with another woman?”

“I know you very well babe, because you’re just as perverted as I am and that’s why I love you.”

You and Rachel proceed to kiss passionately for a few seconds and break off the kiss to look at Monica with her tongue out and fingering herself.

“So Monica,” says Rachel in a sultry voice. “Ready for having the best fuck of your life? Me eating you out while my boyfriend rails your ass?”

“Just a warning,” you add. “We are not going easy on you. We are gonna fuck you in every way possible until you cannot think straight and are cover in bodily fluids.” You smirk.

“Oh god please yes! You two can possess me and do whatever you like. Make me feel alive!” Monica replies ecstatically.

The three of you then run out the office, but not before you give an angry look to the other guys that says to not tell anyone about this or they are dead. By their scared looks they agree.

You drive as fast as possible to your big house. When you arrive, you fumble with the front door key while Rachel and Monica make out with each other with slurpy kisses. When you open the door you join the fun.

You three explore every part of your bodies by kissing, lick, fondling and squeezing everywhere and producing moans and hisses. Then you three proceed to take every piece of clothing from each other and toss them to the floor, while walking to the main room where the real fuck-fest can start.

“Fuck yeah!” you all shout.