Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

It’s against your better judgement but blood is rushing from your brain as you watch Fernanda move a hand to cup under and around her breast and press herself up to the window while lewdly licking her fingertips. You look out behind her and don’t notice anybody else on your lawn, so you unbolt the door and quickly pull her in.

“I need your cock, Ross,” she moans almost mindlessly as she grabs for your pants.

There is no stopping her as she pushes relentlessly towards you backing you up until you trip and fall to the floor, your pants down your ankles and her hand caressing your semi-erect dick.

“Get hard,” Fernanda pleads with a sexy pout. “I want it down my throat!”

Her mouth lowers to start licking up and down your shaft before popping the head in for a hard suck while her tongue flicks the tip. You would love more loving attention but she is working at an accelerated rate of need. She’s now got you all in with her lips pressed down to your balls and with a powerful suction and an almost cat-like purr that is making your cock tingle. A quiver shakes you as a little precum leaks and touches Fernanda’s tonsils. This puts her into overdrive and has her moving the entire length of you with blazing speed. You wince a little out of concern over her teeth but you don’t feel them even with her savage abandon.

Unexpectedly she fully extracts you leaving a long dribble of spit from her lips down your shaft but you get no respite as her hand replaces her mouth and pumps you firmly and quickly. Maybe a little too quickly.

“I need your cum. I need it more than anything I’ve ever desired. I want to taste it and have it in me. I’m never going to stop fucking and sucking you!”

You’re about to say something but your voice catches as she plunges her mouth on your dick. You can see her neck bulge with how deep you are in it. Without stopping the deep throating she shimmies around and sits on your chest. With her legs spread over you the skimpy bikini bottom slips between her already glistening wet lips. It may be your imagination but you think you can see it pulsate like it would suck your rod just as powerfully as her mouth is right now.

It’s too much and you feel your balls contract before a powerful orgasm blows your load into Fernanda’s stomach. She holds down your legs as you begin to fight against the overwhelming pleasure that borders on pain as she makes sure to get every drop.

“Stop stop stop stop stop!” you plead.

Fernanda climbs off of you and crouches in the corner working a finger around her mouth, savoring the taste of you while the other hand slowly rubs her pussy. Her eyes half close and it gives you the impression of powersave mode.

“Do they obey me because it’s my hypnosis?” you ask yourself.

Now’s the time to plan your next move — and where is Rachel?