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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Your 7:00 am alarm rouses you from sleep, and you enter crisis mode as you realize it is Monday. The make up won’t come off, your hair still sits below your shoulders, and your fake tits feel as real as ever.

Calmly, Rachel enters, and says, “Mandy, have a great day at work. I want photos of you on the hour every hour, and be inventive each time. I don’t want the same picture over and over, okay? Bye hun.”

“Rachel please…” you plead.

“Daniel has already phoned in sick, and your office needs a new secretary today,” she smirks. “Dress sexy.” She laughs, slapping your ass.

Sulking, you dress conservatively in a charcoal grey pencil dress that hugs your figure down to your knees. A black blazer, pantyhose and three-inch heels accompany it. You quickly grab some toast before leaving for work.

At work, your find that the person needing a secretary is Claire. She’s a gorgeous and sexy 27 year old who every guy in the office lusts over. She is happy to tease guys, but you know she is a strict lesbian. You go to the bathroom to send your first picture to Rachel before sitting down at your new desk.

Rachel texts her saying the new secretary is a bit ‘tied up’ (you know that feeling) but her friend Mandy would cover the first day for her. Claire introduces herself, in a very short skirt, that shows off her fantastic ass, and low-cut blouse.. You start working, nipping to the bathroom every hour to send your photo, but just struggling with admin all the way to lunch. You go and pick up Rachel for a nice lunch.

“Rachel, you need to unlock my cock, it hurts really bad!” you plead.

“No Mandy, not until tonight anyway. I got you some gifts,” she says, handing you an unmarked bag. “I won’t need any more photos — I have some great ones that really got me hot. Anyhow, at work, get this Claire to fuck your mouth while you wear what I got you, okay?” And with that, she leaves. In the bag is one of her ten-inch strap-ons, some handcuffs and a collar and leash.

At work you sneak into Claire’s office, place the fake cock on her desk, handcuff yourself, collar yourself, and tie the leash to the leg of the desk. As she walks in you flutter your eyelashes and say, “I have been very baaad miss.”

To your surprise she takes it in her stride. “Well let’s fix that,” she says, attaching the strap-on. She slips the cock into your mouth and begins to violently throat-fuck you. After almost half an hour the cock explodes in your mouth and you swallow every drop.

“What a good girl,” Claire exclaims, as she unties your leash and pushes you under the desk. She then re-ties you and straps the fake cock to your face. There you have a great view to her panty-less crotch, as she makes you fuck her pussy while she works. At five she takes the cock off your face and unties your leash.

“Thanks for today, Mandy,” she says, slapping your ass on the way out. Hands still cuffed, collar and leash still attached, you go find Rachel to prepare for tonight.