Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dimletter...)

You are starting to feel more anxious with the whole situation, Rachel is still on your lap, laying on your chest and yet she is letting these two do as they please. You have no idea how far this will go, and that’s without mentioning there are still a few more guys in the next row just jerking off watching your situation happen. If this continues they will most likely decide to join in soon, Rachel might be into it but you are unsure, but your cock is rock-hard and throbbing again at the thought that your girlfriend might get fucked by them all tonight, while being still completely lubricated with her love juices mixed with your sperm.

Rachel doesn’t seem to be objecting so far so, unable to stand the situation anymore, you say to Rachel, “I think we better get going, I guess this is way further than I am willing to let it go.”

As your words register the guys let Rachel go, but your girlfriend surprises you by saying, “Not yet, wait just one moment.” Rachel then pushes the guys’ hands off her breasts and sits up straight. Before you or any of the others can object, however, Rachel quickly reaches over her back, between the two of you, and grabs hold of your dick. With a flick of her wrist, she impales herself on your rod, and in doing so, coats it completely in your sperm and her own.

The sensation is unbelievable. Rachel rises and falls in your lap, clearly intent on riding you to orgasm, a thing that only the two of you have ever done. Despite yourself, your hands land on her thighs. You begin to move them slowly up, to your girl’s ample hips. Finally, one moves to her bare ass, the other to her shoulder, and pushes her back into a cowgirl on the chair position.