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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Rachel is waiting for you in the toilets. She unlocks your cuffs and removed the leash. She leaves you collared, but you don’t mind. It looks like a choker, and you have always found them hot, so why not? She drives you home and leaves you to your own devices. After she changes, she shouts out for you.


“Yes miss?”

“I will unlock you,” she says holding the key up. “But only if you do some favors for me, okay?”


“One, you service me and four friends tonight.” You have only serviced three friends before, and wonder who the fourth could be. “Two, you wear the collar all the time, as a sign of ownership, and three, Mandy stays indefinitely.” You ponder this, but think that you just work some time.

“I know you are thinking about work, but I am told that they are hiring at Beth’s work, I am sure Mandy could find work there.” Beth works in a cocktail bar, but the money is good, as you can tell from her luxury lifestyle.

You nod yes to Rachel who squeals in delight and unlocks your cock. “The girls will be here in half an hour, get ready.”

You shave your legs and face, fix your makeup and hair, and have just chosen a sexy red body-hugging dress, with plunging neckline. You put on sexy heels, and earrings, but leave out a necklace. Rachel says she is to give you your collar back after she removed it earlier. You enter the living room and get very hard, very fast. Each girl is in all black, boots (of varying heights and styles), pantyhose and corsets. Your dress constricts your boner as you inspect them all, Rachel, Beth, Verity, your step-sister Amy and the mystery fifth girl, Rachel’s best friend Georgia.

Rachel calls you forward and makes you kneel before the girls.

“Mandy has verbally submitted to me and is prepared to serve, and now she must be collared. All those who object may speak now.” Silence fills the room, as your stomach turns. Rachel gets out a black collar with a gold plates, inscribed ‘princess’, and pulls it tight around your neck. She fastens it and clicks on a lock, as everyone cheers. “Now, to break her in!”

In your bedroom she places cuffs on your wrists and ankles, before loosely chaining them to the headboard and foot of the bed. Then she ties your left elbow to your left knee and your right elbow to your right knee, forcing you to rest on your knees and forearms. She puts a ring gag in your mouth, and pulls your dress up over your ass.

You then get spit-roasted, as each girl as fucks you, face-fucks you and shoots fake cum down your throat. You’ve cum twice when swallowing five loads, each fake cock only six inches long. Each girl then repeats the process with an eight-inch, and then a ten-inch cock, totaling fifteen total loads. Overall you have shot seven loads up your dress onto your stomach, and are half asleep, when Rachel shoves a massive twelve-inch fake cock down your throat. She pounds your throat while Georgia starts to fist your raw asshole. She sends you into orgasm, as Rachel shoots the biggest load you have ever taken down your throat.

“Well done princess,” she says, before cutting the rope between your knees and elbows and letting you drift off to sleep.