Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

You slowly lower your head and let the tip enter your mouth. You begin to suck the tip and slowly start taking more into your mouth. “All of it!” Iona demands before pushing your head right down to the base, making you gag.

“Awww, look at the little cock sucking bitch!” Rebekah laughs before returning her attention to Rachel, watching her spank Monica’s poor bum.

You continue to suck the dildo for almost ten minutes, listening to Monica’s cries of pain as your girlfriend spanks her backside with as much strength as she can.

“Fuck,” Rachel says, raising her hand up. “My hands aching,” she says before looking up at Rebekah. “Go into that bag and get me the hairbrush please,” Rachel asks and Rebekah lets out a small giggle knowing what Monica has coming.

“Please stop Rachel, I’m sorry, don’t use the hairbrush please!” Monica begs as Rebekah begins searching for the brush.

“Shut up!” Rachel shouts as she lands another slap on Monica’s behind. “You deserve this.”

You continue to deepthroat the dildo before it shoots a mysterious liquid down your throat. Iona giggles as she watches your cheeks expand with the liquid. “Good girls swallow,” she laughs as you gulp up the cum. “Good little slut,” Iona laughs before Rebekah grabs you by the hair.

“My turn for some fun,” she giggles before she pulls down her black leggings, followed by her panties. You watch on your knees as she strips. “You like?” she asks as her lower half is completely naked, her pussy only hidden by the strap-on. She turns around and kneels on the couch, grabbing the top and presenting her bare ass at face level.

“Eat my ass, bitch!” she commands as you happily oblige. Whilst you bury your face in her soft cheeks, licking her tight little anus, you hear the sound of wood connecting with bare flesh, followed by a cry of pain from Monica.

“Ahhhh!” Monica screams as Rachel brings the brush crashing down on her ass again. Your girlfriend continues to spank Monica with the brush, eliciting cries of pain each time the brush lands across her poor, red bum. This continues for five minutes as you ream Rebekah’s tight hole on all fours.

“Iona, your turn,” Rachel says before yanking Monica up by the hair and handing the brush to Iona. “Give me your belt,” Rachel says to Iona. Iona obliges, removing the belt from the loops of her jeans and handing it to Rachel.

Rachel walks up behind you as Iona drags Monica cross her lap before resuming spanking Monica with the brush. Rachel leans down next to your ear whispering, “Your turn, 1,” before standing up and moving behind you, readying the belt.

Your scream of pain is muffled by Rebekah’s fat ass and Rachel whips you with the belt. “There’s more where that came from,” she laughs before striking your ass again.

Both you and Monica can only accept the punishment that is being dished out across both your backsides. After five minutes of your girlfriend spanking you with the belt, tears are steaming down your face, which is still buried deep in Rebekah’s cheeks. You can still hear Monica crying and sniffing as Iona spanks her with the brush.

Rachel suddenly yanks your face out of Rebekah’s ass and throws you down onto the carpet, leaving you face-down, ass up, presenting your now reddened and welt-covered ass to the women. “Stay like that,” Rachel barks at you before she walks over to Iona. She grabs Monica by the hair and makes her face the seat. “Lean on your elbows,” Rachel commands and Monica complies, sticking her dark red, spanked rear out for everyone to see.

Rachel returns back to Rebekah and hands her Iona’s belt. Rebekah immediately knows what to do as she stands up and moves behind Monica and lines up the belt with her abused ass before swinging the belt with all her strength. “Owwwww!” Monica wails as she is now getting spanked for the third time. “Take it bitch!” Rebekah laughs before whipping Monica again.

Rachel and Iona stand behind you, admiring the job Rachel has done of punishing your backside with welts coating your cheeks. Iona removes her jeans, followed by her panties and reattaches her strap-on before kneeling down behind you.

“So Ross,” she laughs, “now it’s my turn to pound your backdoor!” She rams the full length into your tight hole.