Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

Once she’s ready, Iona begins thrusting into your ass as fast as she can. She’s much faster than Rachel and has more strength behind every thrust causing you to get pushed forward before she yanks you back by the hips.

The pain is unbearable as tears start to roll down your cheeks. The force of her thighs hitting your freshly spanked, welt covered bottom doesn’t help.

After five minutes Rachel stops watching and refocuses her attention on Monica, who is still getting spanked with the belt by Rebekah. Rachel re-attaches her strap-on before telling Rebekah to stop spanking Monica. She agrees and returns to you and Iona, watching Iona pound your ass with the belt still in her hand.

Rebekah kneels down behind Iona, placing the belt on the ground next to her before spreading her asscheeks. She leans forward, placing her tongue at Iona’s pussy before licking right up to her little puckered anus, causing Iona to moan.

She picks up the belt and stands back up. “Naughty girl,” she laughs. “You saw what happened to Monica for fucking Ross,” she says before bringing the belt down across Iona’s ass, causing her to shout in pain.

“Watch out or it will be your ass getting pounded!” Rebekah laughs as she spanks her again.

Iona’s tone quickly changes “Just you wait,” Iona snarls as she picks up the pace, pounding you even faster.

You hear another slap from across the room. You look up to see Rachel standing behind Monica, fucking her ass. “I thought you liked anal?” Rachel laughs before slapping Monica’s ass again, eliciting another shout of pain.

You and Monica both get anally pounded as Rebekah stands and watches, occasionally using the belt to spank Iona’s ass. Every time she does, Iona gets mare angry. Unlucky for you her response is to fuck you harder or to give your upthrust rear a hard slap. You look over your shoulder and see Rebekah sucking her finger. She gives you a wink before reaching down and ramming her finger with one fast motion into Iona’s ass.

This sends Iona insane as she lifts her hand from your hip and rains slaps across your ass. She thrusts even harder and the dildo shoots cum into your ass, coating your insides. Iona withdraws the dildo from your stretched hole, letting the cum slowly start leaking out as it trickles down your crack.

“Right, that’s it!” Iona shouts before grabbing Rebekah by the hair. She shoves you out the way with her free hand and gets Rebekah on all fours in the same position as you. “Get on your hands and knees in front of Rebekah,” Iona demands. “Make sure your ass is facing her”

You do as she says, hovering your spanked ass and stretched, cum leaking anus in front of Rebekah. “Clean up that mess!” Iona demands, pointing at the cum still leaking from your abused hole. You feel Rebekah’s tongue begin to work its way into your ass as she cleans up the cum before working her way down to clean your balls. When she’s finished she sticks a finger up your ass before withdrawing it and giving your ass a slap. “All done,” she laughs.

“Good girl,” Iona laughs. She looks at you. “Turn over,” she commands. You listen and sit upright, leaning back against the couch with your hard dick pointing up at Rebekah’s face. “Suck his cock,” Iona demands, landing a slap on Rebekah’s bum. She doesn’t say anything as she lowers her head down and begins to suck the head of your cock.

As Rebekah starts taking more and more into her mouth you begin to moan in pleasure. She begins to swirl her tongue round your tip, causing you to moan even more. Iona, still standing behind Rebekah, leans down and picks up the belt.

“Revenge is a wonderful thing,” she laughs before swinging the belt at Rebekah’s upthrust ass. Rebekah’s scream is muffled due to your dick in her mouth.

Iona sets a fast pace, whipping Rebekah’s round bum with as much strength as she can muster. She has not stopped sucking your dick however, which you are very grateful for. You look at her face and see tears rolling down her face as Iona strikes her bottom yet again.

You run your hands through her hair gently before cupping each cheek in your hands, using your thumbs to wipe away her tears. She smiles at you as best as she can whilst having your cock in her mouth.

After five more minutes of Rebekah sucking cock and getting spanked Iona stops. With the sound of the belt whipping Rebekah’s ass having stopped you can hear Monica moaning as Rachel is still ploughing her rear.

Iona kneels down behind Rebekah and yanks her head up off your dick by her hair. She leans forward whispering into Rebekah’s ear. “I told you if you weren’t careful it would be your ass getting pounded, let’s see how you like it.” She then throws Rebekah’s head down. She goes back to sucking your cock as Iona begins working the dildo into her tight ass.

Before long Iona has loosened Rebekah’s ass enough and is now fucking her at lightning speed. You watch as every time Iona thrusts into her anus Rebekah’s face screws up. You’re not sure if it’s the pain of getting her backdoor stretched and pounded or if it’s Iona’s thighs smacking her welt-covered bottom.

You look to the other side of the room as Rachel steps away from Monica’s bum. You can see how red her cheeks are, they’re covered in welts too. Rachel grabs Monica’s asscheek and pulls it to the side, revealing her stretched hole with cum leaking down over her pussy.

“Go stand in the corner,” Rachel orders Monica. “Make sure that naughty bottom is on full display.” Monica quickly scurries over to the corner of the room, placing her hands on her head with her bum sticking out.

“What’s happened here then?” Rachel asks, walking over to see Rebekah in doggy-style sucking a cock with Iona ramming her backdoor.

“Bitch thought she could get away with spanking me and sticking her finger up my ass,” Iona replies, taking her hand of Rebekah’s hip and rubbing her bum, which is now a light shade of red with a few welts.

“Looks like you got your revenge,” Rachel laughs, pointing at Rebekah’s dark red, welt-covered behind. You let out another moan as Rebekah engulfs your entire dick in her mouth.

“No no no, that won’t do,” Rachel says before standing over Rebekah and pointing the dildo at your face. She wastes no time forcing it into your open mouth before she begins to face-fuck you with as much force as she can.

“How does it taste” Rachel laughs. “It’s fresh out of Monica’s ass, she loved it.” Your girlfriend slows down just a bit, allowing you to taste Monica’s ass on the dildo. “Look at her, that naughty girl,” Rachel laughs, pointing at Monica, removing the dildo from your mouth so you can turn your head.

You look over and see the state she’s in. Her ass is dark red with a mix of welts from the belt and lines from the brush. There is cum leaking from her gaping asshole down her leg and you can still hear her crying and sniffing.

You look back at Rachel, unsure as to what to say. Before you can think of anything you feel a familiar sensation build up.