Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

You awake to a cold liquid being poured on your ass. Rachel is kneeling behind you, fake cock at the ready. She removes the gag while slowly sliding into your ass. You feel all twelve lubricated inches enter your anus, and shiver at the feeling of being so full. Your dick, stuck to your stomach with cum, slowly erects inside the tight dress from last night.

Your girlfriend begins a brutal ass-fucking session, by pulling back and smashing all twelve inches through your ass, this lasts five minutes before the fake cock is shoved through your lips.

Tasting your ass on the cock, you know to suck, which you proceed to do. The ass-to-mouth lasts thirty-five minutes, alternating between ass and mouth, making you regularly clean the cock, before both you and it explode at the same instance. You hold the cock in your mouth as your body spasms in orgasm, so not to waste a drop of cum.

Rachel feeds you some food and water before whispering, “Endure today and you are mine.” With that, she leaves. The four girls from last night begin to fuck your ass and mouth, and over the next four hours, each one fucks you with four different strap-ons, all of which are twelve inches. You swallow every load, and orgasm yourself five times.

Rachel smiles, as she knows that you are ready. She fixes your make up, and changes you into a very girly pink dress. She handcuffs you to the chair with a vibrator on your cock and headphones on. The screen powers up, the headphones blare out sound and the vibrator starts to whir. The screen shows ‘Mandy’ getting fucked by the girls on loop, and the headphones start telling you, “You are a sissy girl and you love it!”

“The conditioning has started, but will the cum work?” Beth asks.

“Yes, it is a mix of my cum, mayo and oestrogen, ‘he’ will be a ‘she’ in no time,” Rachel replies, giggling at the thought of her plan.