Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

Rachel readies her belt and takes a step back before swinging. “Owww!” you wail as the belt connects with your ass.

“Shut up, you deserve this,” Rachel says angrily before striking your backside again.

“Owww I’m sorry, please stop,” you beg. Monica giggles as you beg for Rachel to stop.

“Monica, shut him up,” Rachel says, even more frustrated.

“Gladly,” Monica laughs as she pushes your face down, making you take the tip of her strap-on into your mouth. You slowly start sucking the strap-on as Rachel continues to spank your ass with her belt. Monica places a hand on the back of your head, forcing you to deep throat her strap-on. “Take it all, Ross,” she giggles as you gag.

You hear moans from the other side of the room. You look up to see Livvy and Brooke sitting on the couch. Breckie is completely naked, riding Brooke’s strap-on as Brooke sucks on her big tits.

Madison is on her knees, deep throating Livvy’s strap-on. She has the back of her skirt flipped up, revealing her round naked bum as she bobs her head up and down.

You are brought back as the belt connects with your ass again. You feel tears forming in your eyes as the pain in your ass gets worse every time Rachel’s belt hits your bare flesh.

After five minutes of spanking you she stops. Tears are rolling down your cheeks as you continue to suck Monica’s strap-on. She discards the belt and begins to spread your bumcheeks, spitting on your rear entrance. She sucks on her finger before sliding it up your ass, causing you to moan into Monica’s dildo.

She fingers your ass for a few minutes before pulling out and giving your backside one last slap. You think she’s done until you feel her place the dildo as your backdoor and begin pushing.

She grabs you by the hips and works the full length up your rectum. Once the strap-on is fully submerged in your ass she pulls out and rams back in as hard as she can. She does this a few more times before you start crying again due to the mix of pain from your asshole being stretched and her thighs clapping against your spanked bottom.

Rachel fucks you hard and fast as Monica places both hands on the back of your head and begins thrusting upwards into your mouth. You get pounded from both ends for almost ten minutes before Monica’s strap-on fills your mouth with cum.

“Drink up bitch,” she laughs as you swallow up all the cum. She removes the strap on from your mouth and gets up. She moves to the other side of the room and kneels behind Madison. Monica adjusts her position so she is now on all fours before sinking the strap-on into her exposed pussy.

Madison moans as into Livvy’s dildo before Monica begins to fuck her from behind, landing the occasional smack on her bum.

Rachel continues to ravish your ass as you bury your face in the couch in defeat. “This is what you get for fucking another girl’s ass,” Rachel snarls, giving your rear another slap. She fucks you for another five minutes before you feel the dildo shoot sticky, warm cum up your rectum, coating your insides.

“Enjoy that, bitch?” she laughs before removing the strap-on from your gaping hole. You lie there in defeat as the cum starts leaking from your battered hole, running down over your balls.

Your girlfriend spreads your cheeks and starts to clean the cum leaking out of your ass. Once all the cum has been cleaned up she kisses your sore asshole, soothing the pain.

She removes her face from your ass and walks away, allowing you to stand up and properly see what’s going on. Breckie is still riding Brooke with her large tits bouncing up and down as she goes, which are now glistening with Brooke’s saliva.

Madison is still being fucked from behind by Monica and has a few red handprints coating her backside. However she is no longer sucking Livvy’s strap-on, which she has removed, as she has already swallowed the load that was deposited in her mouth. Livvy has removed her leggings and panties as Madison is now eating her out.