Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by I love sex slaves being punished...)

“Now, slave, who is your master?” you say when you’ve finished fucking Rachel’s tits.

“You are my Master, Ross” your girlfriend replies.

You walk over to the closet. “And when you told me not to come inside your ass, I still did. Why is that?” you continue, grabbing a belt from the closet.

“Because you are my Master, I can’t control your actions, but you control mine,” she replies as you walk back over to her.

“Spread your legs, slave,” you command as you fold the belt in half. She does as she is told and you can see her juices leaking out of her pussy. “Now I must make sure you remember your lesson!”

You bring the belt down on Rachel’s exposed pussy. “Ahhhhhh! Master, It — It hurts!”

You smile as you bring it down even harder on her pussy. “That’s the point, slave — for it to hurt. And you love it, don’t you slave?” you sneer as you grab the chain on her nipple clamps and pull with one hand. The other hand brings the belt down on her pussy again with a satisfying smack.

Rachel screams, but you can tell she loves it. “Say it slut — say that you love being punished!” you yell at her as you continue to spank her pussy.

“I love it Master! I love being punished like the slut I am!” she yells out.

You finally stop and put the belt away.