Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

You sit down on the couch in between your girlfriend and Madison. “Ahh,” you groan as your sore skin touches the couch, eliciting a giggle from the three women.

“We’re going to go,” Brooke says, indicating that Livvy will also be leaving.

“Alright, have a good night,” Rachel replies.

The two women get dressed and exit, leaving you, Madison and Rachel on the couch with Breckie in the corner and Monica on the floor in front of you.

Monica stands up and glares at Madison, still angry about being spanked and fucked by her. “Come here!” Monica shouts at Madison as she grabs her shoulders and pulls her to her feet.

“Wh-what are you doing” Madison says, trying to break out of Monica’s grasp. Monica forces Madison onto the ground and pins her down on her back. In one smooth motion Monica turns around so that ass fat ass is in Madison’s face. She moves back and hovers her large derrière above Madison’s face.

“Eat my ass bitch,” Monica laughs before dropping herself down onto Madison’s face, grinding up and down. You watch as Madison begins to lick Monica’s recently fucked anus.

“Ohhh yes, taste my filthy ass you fucking slut,” Monica screams in pleasure.

You turn to your girlfriend who is transfixed by the sight below her. You stand up in front of her and smirk. “Let’s get these off” you say, pulling her to her feet and taking off her belt. You slide her jeans off followed by her panties and take in the sight of Rachel’s pink pussy.

“Come get me,” she giggles, running away from you as you give chase. You watch her ass jiggle as you gain on her, turning you on even more. You quickly catch her and pin her against the wall.

“Fuck me Ross,” she pants as you reach down and rub her wet slit. You lift her right leg, resting it on your shoulder, giving you access to her pussy. “Come on,” she whines as you rub your tip up and down her dripping nether regions. “Are you going to-”

You slam your full length into her, cutting her off. “Fuck meeeee?” she squeals, finishing her question as you begin pounding into her tight pussy. “Oh yes, fuck my little cunt” she pants as you start fucking her as fast as you can.

After five minutes of fucking her wet pussy you have an idea. You pull your cock out of her dripping entrance and lift her other leg, again resting it on your opposite shoulder.

“Why’d you stop?” she says, slightly upset as you move your hands to support her, grabbing her fleshy ass.

“You’ll see,” you chuckle as you grip your shaft and manoeuvre it to her puckered anus. You rest the tip as her rear entrance and move your hand back to her ass.

“Stick it in my arse,” she says, giving you an approving nod. That’s all the approval you need as you slide your cock in her sphincter. You work your cock in and enjoy the tightness of her untouched rectum, it’s ten times tighter than her cunt.

“Oh yes yes yes,” she moans as you begin to plough her ass. “Fuck my tight ass, fuck me until I can’t walk.”

You fuck her anus for a couple minutes before moving one of your hands to her clit. You rub her little bud furiously as she begins to cum. “Oh fuckkkkk” she squeals as she covers you in her juices. Her ass grips your cock even tighter when she finishes, bringing you over the edge.

“I’m about to cum,” you pant. “Where do you want it?”

“Cum on my face,” she says. Exhausted, she lowers her legs from your shoulders. She gets on her knees, opening her mouth for you as you jerk your cock. “Shower me with your cum!” she begs as you unload your warm seed on her beautiful face. Streams of your cum coat her face as you milk the last drops from your member. She instinctively takes you softening cock into her mouth, cleaning you up.

“How does your ass taste?” you joke as your girlfriend removes your cock from her mouth and stands up.

“Good, like it’s been fucked hard,” she giggles, resting her head on your shoulder. “It hurts a bit though,” she groans, using a finger to rub her stretched hole.

“Well I’ll help with that,” you chuckle. You spin her around and push her against the wall, spreading her large bumcheeks apart. “Let’s see if your ass does taste good,” you laugh as you bury your face between her soft cheeks, licking her gaping asshole.

“Oh yes,” she moans as you eat her delicious ass for a few minutes. You remove your head from between her bum, resting your head against her squishy cheeks.

“So how did it taste” she giggles, reaching back and running her hand through your hair.

“It tastes like it’s mine,” you joke, placing one last kiss on her starfish. You stand up as she turns to face you. You lean forward and give her a big kiss and scoop her up, causing her to giggle. You carry her back to the seat and place her down. You take a seat next to her as you both watch Monica still smothering Madison with her large backside.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” Monica screams as she covers Madison’s face with her cum. Once she’s finished she rolls off Madison’s face, lying on her back panting as she comes down from her orgasm.