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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Rachel slowly turns around to face you, her dress still down around her waist, boobs hanging down with nipples clearly erect, her face flushed. You can see the turmoil in her face.

“Honey, I love you so much, but… but I can’t help what’s happened to me. To us. You just sat there while John told me to blow you with my boobs out on display. You did nothing, except let me. You even let John push my mouth down over your dick. At least you tried to stop that, but when I told you it’s okay, that John wants me to blow you — you came.”

“Rachel, let me expl-”

“No.” Rachel cuts you off. “Ross, it’s clear that you enjoy having your girlfriend controlled by another man. Turned into a complete slut. Doing things against my will, knowing I shouldn’t, but not able to stop… because deep down I need to be treated this way. Treated in a way that you, my husband, haven’t been able to.”

“Rachel! What are you saying? Please… please tidy yourself up. Lets go now.”

“Rachel!” John interjects, standing up from his chair.

Rachel turns back to John, sliding the dress over her hips and letting it puddle on the floor. You sit there unable to move, watching your girlfriend. Your eyes drift down her body, lingering on her round ass before roaming over her legs. You feel your dick begin to grow.

“Yes boss,” whispers Rachel, unable, or unwilling, to make eye contact with John.

“Yes what?” chides John.

“I belong to you, boss.”

“I don’t think I heard you. Speak up. Did you just say that you’re mine? That you’re my little slut to do with as I please?”

“Yes. I’m yours to do with as you please.”

“Good. That’s settled then,” Smirks John, settling back into his chair and unzipping is pants. “Close the door if you would please Ross. Rachel, get that ass of yours around here. I’ve got some dictation to give you!”

Oh God, you think, the door! You stagger in a drunken stupor to the door and close it, noticing the number of people now arriving. Feeling a little relief that no one was within earshot, you turn around looking for Rachel. Confused, you can’t see her for a second and then you notice the top of her head slowly bobbing up and down under the desk. That’s all you can see of her — she’s crawled under John’s desk and is busily giving him a blowjob. John smiles and looks up from marvelling at the rise and fall of your girlfriend’s head, her cheeks hollowing and puffing in time with the movement of her chin as she eagerly sucks the length of his cock.

“Take a seat Ross. Rachel will be a little while — this dictation is a long one, but you already knew that didn’t you?” John cackles at his own joke, leaning back with his hands behind his head.

You return to your seat and collapse into it, tucking your shrinking member away, not knowing what else to do. Sitting there, you zone out while watching the top of your girlfriend’s head and listening to the quiet wet sucking sounds as she blows her boss not three feet from you. Minutes go by before John moves, snapping you out of your reverie. He reaches forward and picks up the phone, dials an extension number and speaks.

“Hello. I can’t make my 9AM meeting mate. No, something urgent has come up. It’s okay, I have Rachel in here dealing with it. She’s really working hard, in fact I think she working up a sweat! Hehe, yes that’s the one.” He chuckles and winks at you as he pats the top of your girlfriend’s head. “She definitely is mate. Anyway, transfer me and I’ll have the meeting via telecon. Yes, I’ll wait.” You hear the hold music chiming away.

What is John doing? This is insane! You open your mouth to speak, but John just pushes the speakerphone button and holds one finger to his lips hushing you. With his other hand he pushes back down on your girlfriend’s head, muffling her when she starts to lift off his cock.

“Carry on Rachel. You’re doing just fine.”

Rachel obediently resumes her sucking, but you notice her head is not moving as much, and the sound is much quieter. You start to mentally thank your girlfriend for having the good sense to try not to get caught blowing her boss under his desk, then you realize how crazy that sounds.

“Ross, here it comes! The money shot!” he exclaims, pushing his chair back and pulling your girlfriend’s head up by the hair before stuffing it back down on his cock. You hear your girlfriend gag and watch her struggle, hands pushing against John’s thighs as her nose is squashed into the fabric of his pants. John spasms as load after load of cum jets into Rachel’s mouth. The hold music from the phone just adds to the surreal-ness of the scene — this can’t be happening!

“Keep going Rachel!” John says as your girlfriend starts to relax and the sucking noises resume. “That’s my girl, don’t miss a drop!”

Eventually John pushes your girlfriend away and she collapses sideways out from under his desk. You can’t help but notice how sexy she is like that, boobs spilling out from her dress, gorgeous stocking-clad legs splayed, her hair a total mess and her lipstick smeared around her lips. You want to fuck her so badly that you’re about to explode. The hold music suddenly stops, and the room goes silent.

“You there old mate? Rachel’s just finished. My! What a job she did — I think she’s completely worn out! I’ll have to loan her out to you one day. See how she performs for you.”

“Is she still there?” enquires a male voice tentatively.

John looks at Rachel on the floor, then over to you and winks. “Nah mate, I’m all alone. Speak freely.”