Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

“No Rachel,” you say sternly, shutting down her idea.

“Why?” she cries. “You always use something to spank me.” Before you have the chance to reply Rachel gets angry. “Hang on, this is what I want, not what you want,” she snarls, pushing you off her lap and onto the hard floor.

“Ahhh,” you groan as you hit the floor with a thud. While you’re regaining your composure Rachel has stood up and is searching her handbag for something.

“Found it,” she giggles, brandishing her old wooden hairbrush to your horror. Grabbing you by the ear she hauls you to your feet and marches you into the living room. “Sit down, Ross,” she shouts, pointing at the couch. You meekly comply as you take your seat, facing your girlfriend.

“Slide your ass to the edge of the seat” she growls. Again you comply without any complaint. She then sits on your right and slides her left arm underneath both your knees. With one hard pull she lifts your legs up, exposing your slightly red backside hanging off the edge of the couch.

“Here we go,” she giggles, placing the brush on your right cheek. She raises her hand and brings the brush crashing down on your bare ass.

“Owwwww!” you wail in pain before she alternates and spanks your other cheek with the brush.

“Stop whining, bitch!” she shouts, spanking your right cheek again. It only takes a few more strikes before you’re crying in pain as Rachel mercilessly spanks your rear. She continues to spank your poor backside for almost ten minutes before she stops, placing the brush next to her. You’re still crying and your ass is now dark red and in extreme pain.

“Look at that” she smirks. “A job well done.” She begins to rub your sore ass before letting your legs fall back down. “Don’t you dare move,” she snarls before getting up. She makes her way upstairs giving you a short period of time to do something.

You could try and catch her off guard as she renters the room but if you fail things might end up worse. Or you could remain where you are and hope whatever she has planned isn’t that bad.