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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Fuck you!” you exclaim, jumping up and grabbing Rachel. “I’ll show you who owns my girlfriend!”

With that you shove Rachel forwards, bending her over the desk and pushing up her skirt over her hips. You pull her panties down to her knees and slap her beautiful round ass, your dick already recovering to its full size. You reach forward and pull your girlfriend’s head up by the hair so she is looking right at her boss as you roughly feed your dick into her pussy.

“Oh my god Ross!” squeals Rachel as you start pounding her, loud slapping sounds filling the room.

“That’s right slut! Is this how you like it?” you mutter through gritted teeth.

“Yes Ross, fuck me, fuck me, fuck mmmphhff-”

You look up from watching your dick slide in and out of her pussy and her ass quivering from the force of your hips slapping against it, wondering why she has suddenly shut up and why her head is moving about on the end of her hair in your fist. That’s when you see that John has moved forward and stuffed his cock in Rachel’s mouth.

“Ross, pull her head up a bit mate! The angle’s all wrong. Ah fuck it!” John says, slapping your hand away and grapping your girlfriend by the side of her head. Rachel starts gagging.

“See Ross, I told you it takes a good seven inches to get her to gag!” chuckles John, pushing deeper into your girlfriend’s throat, shoving her back harder onto your dick. Rachel starts moaning and squealing as he says this, and you see saliva dribbling onto the desk. John’s words and the sight of your girlfriend being spit-roasted is far too much, and you erupt into her warm, soaking wet pussy. You can hear Rachel trying to speak and John pushes her head back further off his cock, letting her.

“Ross, no! Don’t stop! Please! Keep fucking me — please!” Rachel begs. But it’s too late, and your legs begin to buckle as you slide your rapidly shrinking dick out of your girlfriend and sink back into your chair.

“Oh, what’s the matter Rachel? That little six-incher left you wanting for more again? Would you like some more cock?”

“Yes, oh yes please” pants your slut girlfriend.

“Let’s see what I can do for you, shall we?” replies John, looking over Rachel’s naked body to the door and making a “come in” gesture with his free hand.

“Oh my god!” you think, “I didn’t shut the door!” Slowly turning as if in a dream, you see Jamie, your best friend, walking in with the look of a hungry wolf on his face. He closes the door and brushes past you, unzipping his pants.

“What the fuck Jamie?” you yelp. You’ve known Jamie for years; you even met Rachel through him.

“Sorry dude! I’ve been wanting to bang Rachel since forever — in fact everyone here has since the day she started. She’s so fucking hot, and she’s a total a tease dude! We’ve all had a case of blue balls after she’s stopped by our desks, flashing those fucking puppies about.”

What the hell? He can’t be serious — she only did that to the IT guy once, and that was only yesterday! While you are trying to fathom what’s going on, Jamie has stepped up behind your girlfriend and is openly stroking his cock. Holy shit! He’s easily as big as John, and very thick. Slowly he bends Rachel over and rubs his cock at the opening of her pussy.

“You want this Rachel?” Jamie asks.

“Yes, please Jamie. Fuck me. I need it soooo bad! Pleaaase?”

“Oh, that’s so nice. You’ve really got a very polite girlfriend here Ross. I just love the way she begged me to fuck her, so subservient!” grins Jamie as he buries his cock deep into Rachel’s sloppy pussy.

Rachel moans. “Please boss, let me suck you? I want to make you come!” John pulls Rachel’s head back up and stuffs his cock into her open waiting mouth.

They both start using Rachel like a piece of meat, fucking her at both ends, her whole body shaking and quivering with the pounding. They build up a rhythm, where Jamie pushes your girlfriend forwards onto John’s cock with a loud slap of her ass cheeks and his balls, followed by the gurgling of Rachel as she gags. Jamie mauls her body, alternating between reaching under her and pinching and pulling on her nipples, and squeezing her hips and buttocks, leaving red welts and hand prints.

After several minutes of this rough treatment, Rachel suddenly starts jerking and is in the throes of a tremendous orgasm. The two men don’t stop, riding out her orgasm. Eventually your girlfriend stops shaking. Slowly she starts rocking back and forth of her own accord, fucking the two men sensuously.

“Ohh Rachel, that’s fine. Keep it up, keep it up,” groans Jamie.

“I couldn’t agree more! Well done my girl!” giggles John. Looking over to you he says, “My, my Ross, your little girlfriend here really is talented, isn’t she?”

Jamie reaches under Rachel and fondles her boobs. She shakes her head, freeing it from John’s hands, and pulls her mouth off his cock.

“No, don’t touch me. I want to do this for you both — I want to get you both off together using my body. Please, don’t move, let me do all the work, you’ve earned this,” sighs your girlfriend.

You don’t reply and just watch as Rachel fucks the two men, slowly working them with both ends of her body, dragging out the pleasure she is giving them. The minutes tick by and Rachel begins speeding up, rocking backwards and forwards on the two cocks faster and faster. Jamie is the first to blow, grabbing her luscious hips and ramming his cock into her so hard her nose is pushed into John’s crotch, causing her to retch. This sends John over the top.

“Yes! Yes! I’m half way down your little girlfriend’s throat Ross!” he exclaims. “Goodness me, she’s swallowing, it’s like she’s milking me dry! Wonderful work Rachel, wonderful.”

With that, Jamie staggers back and leans against a wall as John slumps back into his chair. Rachel just slides to the floor and lies there. You can’t help but notice how sexy she is like that, boobs spilling out from her dress, her gorgeous stocking-clad legs splayed out from under the dress bunched up at her waist. Her panties are down around her knees and cum is leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs. Her hair is a total mess and her lipstick is smeared around her lips. She is the sluttiest, sexiest girlfriend you can possibly imagine.