Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

You walk over to the two bent over women, admiring their backsides. Once you’re behind Madison you kneel down so that your face is level with her ass. Rachel moves her hand, refocusing her attention to Madison’s tits as you rest your face on her soft ass like a pillow.

You lift your face from her bum and roll up her dress, revealing her panty-clad ass. You carefully pull her panties down over her soft skin and let them fall to the floor. You can’t believe how lucky you are as to have Madison Beer bent over with her ass out in front of you.

You grab her smooth bum, spreading it to expose her pussy and asshole. You lean forward, inhaling her scent as you start to lick her already dripping pussy. You hear her muffled moans as she continues to make out with Rachel.

You savour Madison’s taste, taking your time to eat her out while your girlfriend plays with Madison’s breasts. With everything going on it doesn’t take long before Madison comes close to her climax.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close,” Madison moans, breaking the kiss with Rachel. Upon hearing this you remove one hand from her ass, moving it between her legs to rub her clit, making her moan even louder.

“I’m cumming!” Madison squeals as she floods your face with her juices. Once she’s finished you clean the last of her cum off her legs and wipe your face.

“Oh fuck, that was brilliant,” she pants as Rachel continues to play her tits. You stand up behind Madison and slowly pull her dress up over her head, leaving her in only her bra as you drop her dress on the floor next to her panties. You quickly unclasp her bra and slowly pull down off her shoulders and let it to hit the floor, joining the rest of her clothes.

Rachel goes back to playing with Madison’s bare breasts, taking one in her mouth whilst rolling the other nipple between her fingers, causing Madison to moan again.

Now that Madison is completely naked you ponder what to do next.