Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by b.d.021205...)

“Can you go get me some water, Ross?” Rachel asks.

You’re confused as to why the conversation has turned out this way but feel more than happy to complete the simple request. You climb out of bed fully naked and walk to the kitchen to get your beautiful girlfriend a glass of water.

You decide to have a glass for yourself first and then grab a new one for Rachel. You her get out of bed and come down the stairs to the kitchen and you wonder what is going on. Rachel appears in the kitchen wearing her dressing gown. She has a beautiful glow in her eyes which you recognize is how she looks when she’s overcome with horniness.

She walks over to you and begins kissing you passionately, rubbing your now-hard cock. “I need this inside me,” she says.

You can’t wait any longer and like an animal try to rip her dressing gown off her gorgeous body.

“Wait!” she says, keeping hold of her dressing gown wrapped around her sexy body, “I’m not naked underneath.”

You’re perplexed, if she isn’t naked then what is she wearing?

Rachel slowly unties her dressing gown and lets it drop to the floor. She is wearing a sexy set of white lingerie that clips on to a pair of silk white stockings.