Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 12...)

Having defeated Invisa-Girl, you’re now able to harness her powers. Being invisible makes it easy to break into the Mechanic’s garage. She’s in there tinkering with something and in the corner you see the device you’ve heard rumors she has made: a mind control collar.

You sneak behind the Mechanic and put the collar on. She quickly takes a swing and smacks you, sending you flying.

“Who are you?” the Mechanic demands and charges towards you.

“Stop!” you shout.

To your surprise, the Mechanic stops like she’s been frozen.

“Wh-What did you just do to me?” she demands, still unable to move.

You wipe blood off your lip and smirk, pulling yourself to your feet. “Hey don’t blame me, it’s your own mind control collar.”

The Mechanic goes pale, realizing the device is around her neck. “No… It was never supposed to be made, I made it by accident while working on behavior therapy devices.”

“Oh I think it works perfectly,” you say. “Now shut up, get on your knees and stick out your tongue like the bitch you are.”

The Mechanic does as you tell her, looking up at you with her tongue out like a dog.

“What’s your real name?” you ask.

“Mary,” she whimpers.

“Alright Mary,” you say. “Answer me honestly. Do you want to be my sex slave?”


You place your hand on the side of her face. “I don’t believe you. Why else would you have gotten on your knees so easily? Now take off your shirt so I can see your massive titties.”

Mary takes off her blue top and lets her titties hang out. She isn’t wearing a bra. You lick your lips. Her tits are so perfect you immediately begin working your hands on them. Your fingers sink into her flesh like the world’s most soft pillow.

“I know you’re enjoying this, Mary,” you say. “Next beg me to put my cock in you.”

Obediently, Mary says, “Please put your cock in me.”

You slap her tit and she yelps in pain. “You can do better than that. Come on. Beg me.”

“Please, please my master,” Mary says. “Please put your cock in me and use me like the fuck doll I am.”

You slap her other tit. “That’s better. Take out my cock and push it deep down your throat.”

Mary does as told and soon your cock is bulging in her neck. She tries to pull it out but you command her to leave your cock in. Once you feel like she may pass out from lack of air, you pull your cock out. Immediately she doubles over, gasping for air.

You look around Mary’s workshop. There’s so many different toys and gadgets, maybe you should try using some of them.