Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LMS...)

Still admiring Madison’s naked body before you, Rachel makes the first move. She bends over, leaning on the kitchen counter where Madison was moments before, and pulls her dress up bunching it around her waist. She then reaches back and slowly pulls her panties down until they drop to the floor around her ankles.

Rachel looks back at Madison giving her a cheeky smile as she lands a slap on her own backside before pulling ass cheek to the side, revealing her pussy and puckered starfish.

“Eat my ass,” she orders Madison with a giggle. Madison bends over, grabbing Rachel’s soft bum cheeks as she dives into your girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh yes, you’re good at that!” Rachel pants as Madison invades her sphincter with her tongue. With Madison bent over in front of you again you feel the pressure on your trouser zipper.

Stepping behind Madison’s amazing backside again you remove your belt, dropping it on the floor, followed by your trousers and boxers. You stroke your throbbing cock as you line it up with Madison’s wet pussy, rubbing the tip up and down her slit.

In one smooth motion you sink your entire length into her welcoming cunt, causing Madison to moan into Rachel’s ass. You let your cock sit in her pussy, enjoying its tightness before grabbing her hips and beginning to thrust into her.

You slowly pick up the pace until you’re hammering into Madison’s now-dripping cunt, with your balls slapping against the outer lips of her pussy and your thighs clapping against her glorious bottom. She is still devouring Rachel’s ass as you vigorously pound her from behind.

“That’s right, eat my dirty ass!” Rachel pants, reaching back to pull Madison’s face right into her soft bum cheeks. “Of fuck, I’m going to cum!” she squeals just as she finishes on Madison’s face, leaving her covered in Rachel’s pussy juice. She lets go of Madison’s head, allowing her to remove her face from Rachel’s tongue-fucked ass.

Nearing your climax, you move your grip from Madison’s hips to her hair, pulling her and causing her head to jolt upwards.

“Yes pull my hair, I like it rough,” Madison screams as you use your other hand to repeatedly spank her bum. “That’s right, spank me, I’m a naughty girl” Madison moans as you continue to slap her ass, leaving red handprints coating her cheeks.

“Ohhh fuckkkk!” Madison screams one last time as she cums, causing her pussy to tighten its grip on your cock. This sends you over the edge as you unleash spurt after spurt of your seed into Madison’s unprotected pussy.

“That was brilliant,” you pant, removing your deflating cock from Madison’s pussy. You watch as your cum begins to bubble out of her stretched folds. Rachel giggles as she kneels down behind Madison. She plants a kiss on her tight anus before licking the fresh creampie in front of her.

Rachel clearly enjoys lapping up your cum from Madison’s pussy as she cleans every last drop before standing back up. She exchanges a cum-flavoured kiss with Madison before the two women turn to face you.

“Well Ross, what do you want now?” Rachel says seductively, running her hand over your cock as it begins to recover for round two.