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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

The corset Rachel has you in pinches at the back, and makes it hard for you to breathe at all. Still, your mind accepts your place, and every time you become more of a sissy, your dick strains for more release. Your hair is getting long on its own, and your breasts are starting to fill out, while your waist becomes smaller and hips wider. Your ass is round and legs shaved, as you step into work.

Leaving the old place, you waitress at a lesbian cocktail bar themed around policewomen. Each waitress wears a sexy cop outfit with a pair of handcuffs to ‘detain’ customers in a cool-down zone (for the drunks), but when you run into Georgia at the bar, you feel your handcuffs leave your belt before quickly snapping over your wrists. You are forced to struggle against the pole to which you are attached while they laugh at you and your increasingly-hardening cock.

After work you walk home (Rachel won’t let you drive, to humiliate you) when a white van swings quickly around the corner and screeches to a halt beside you. The panel door slides open and you are roughly grabbed by four hands. Dragging you in, the van screeches off again, and you are gagged by a large red ball gag and the blinded by a hood. Handcuffs slap over your wrists and ankles as the conditioning steps aside and your brain shifts to survival mode, thrashing to escape, and you hope they don’t find your cock…