Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

The next morning, you climb out of bed and begin getting ready for work. You look over at Rachel’s still-sleeping form. You laugh silently and shake your head. Whatever made her think you would fuck your step-sister now? It was history, and you thought that the fact that you were not still fucking your sister would prove that you, in fact, no longer wanted to fuck your sister.

You think about it all day at work in your office. You catch yourself day dreaming more and more about Amy. At one point you find yourself comparing Rachel’s and Amy’s best features. You banish these thoughts and return to your boring paperwork.

On your way out, you feel your phone buzz. You check it to see that Rachel has texted you. “Hi Honey, I won’t be home when you get back, but I left a surprise for you in the bedroom.”

You hurry home. Rachel’s car is out front, but you figure that she probably walked somewhere. The house is very quiet as you walk to the bedroom. The bed is made up all nice and neat, with a wrapped box sitting on top. You open the box, to find that is has a black blindfold and a coil of rope.

“What the hell?” you murmur to the empty room. Suddenly, a hand reaches around you and presses a chloroformed rag over your nose and mouth. You pass out, while a dark shape enters your quickly-blackening vision.