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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

You wake up tied to a chair. The blindfold is on; you cannot see anything. You feel cool air settle on your skin. Wait. Your skin? You begin to realize that you are naked. Then you feel something. A warm mouth taking your cock in and out slowly. “What’s going on?” you say. The mouth comes up off your cock.

“This is my second favorite fantasy since you won’t fuck your sister for me,” Rachel says. Oddly enough, she seems to not be in-between your separated legs, but is a bit further away. You figure it’s the acoustics of the room. The mouth engulfs your cock again.

They say if the human body is deprived of one sense, the body compensates by making all the other senses stronger. This seems to be accurate, as this blowjob is like no other. You can feel every caress her tongue makes, every time your cock slides against the inside of her cheeks. You know that this is clearly Rachel, as she does the weird tongue trick where she manages to curve her tongue to get maximum coverage of your cock head that only she knows how to do. She licks your dick like a lollipop. You groan.

“I’m coming,” you say. The mouth pops over your cock head and sucks on it. This sends you over the edge. You pump several globs of semen into her mouth, which she promptly swallows.

You feel somebody lean in close. “Was that fun?” Rachel whispers in your ear. You nod. “Then you’re going to love this,” she says as she moves away. You then feel your rapidly hardening cock slowly pushing into a very tight pussy.

Rachel begins to ride you, and moans loudly. Again (and you continue to blame the acoustics of the place) the moans seem to be coming from a bit away from where they are supposed to be. Rachel continues to go up and down, faster and faster on your cock. You feel the blindfold begin to slip. It falls off to reveal a shocking sight.

The girl who is riding you is not Rachel; in fact, it’s your step-sister Amy! Rachel is in a recliner a few feet away, fucking her own pussy with her fingers and moaning. A small, blinking red light in the corner signifies the presence of a camera.