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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by stoner63...)

“Alright girls, you’re my slaves for the night so here’s what you’re gonna do,” you command. “Monica, start licking Rachel’s pussy while I face fuck her. Got it?”

Monica starts eating out Rachel and Rachel starts giving you the best blowjob of your life. “That’s it baby, keep going,” you moan. You soon feel yourself about to cum so you pull your cock out.

“Alright girls, now Monica get on your hands and knees — I want to try your ass!”

“What? I’ve never done anal before!” protests your girlfriend’s friend.

“Yeah? Well a bet’s a bet and I get to do whatever I want to you girls, so hands and knees and spread your ass apart for me!”

“O… okay… but be gentle…” says Monica, getting into position.

“Oh, I’lll be gentle (at first at least) and Rachel, you get under Monica and lick my balls and her pussy while she licks yours.”

“Okay baby,” replies your girlfriend obediently. You three get into position and you thrust your dick balls-deep into Monica’s ass.

“Aaaahhhh…. fuck it hurts!”

“Shh it’ll feel better soon.” You start thrusting slowly, feeling the soft textures of her anus. “Ahh ah ah yeah it feels good. Now push back against me…. Go faster… Ahhh Oh you got it baby!” You keep fucking Monica until you cum in her ass as hard as you can, loving the feel of her clenched around your cock.

“Me too,” she begs as Rachel licks her pussy and your balls, then you remove your cock and Rachel cums in Monica’s face.

“That was nice but we’re not done yet,” you say. You take a butt-plug and plug Monica’s ass with it.

“What are you doing, Ross?” she asks.

“I’m making sure my cum doesn’t get out of your butthole quite yet. Okay Rachel, it’s your turn baby!”

This time you shove your dick up your girlfriend’s ass and you fuck her while she moans until you cum in her ass too. Then you pull your cock out.

“Alright, now I can take this out,” you say as you remove the plug from Monica. “Now I want you two to drink the cum out of each other’s butts, then kiss each other and cum swap.”

“Ooohhh Ross, you’re so dirty!” says your girlfriend and they proceed to eat each other’s asss out before kissing and drinking the cum.

“Right, now for your cunts. I want you two to lie together with your pussies touching while I alternate fucking each of you!” Your sex slaves obey without question and you start thrusting into Rachel first, feeling her pussy clamp your cock.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck my pussy, treat me like your slut!” Rachel says.

Monica is obviously feeling left out so you come up with an idea. “Hey Monica I’ve got a friend who’d like to fuck you real nice. His name is Jamie and he’s a virgin so you two will fit perfectly (since Monica was still a virgin even though her ass wasn’t, at least not anymore.)

“Okay, give him a call,” she replies eagerly.

You grin and pick up your phone while still fucking your girlfriend.