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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

The next day you are filled with regret, and as soon as Rachel unlocks you and leaves the house, you immediately rid yourself of the clothes she had you in last night! What were you thinking? You are a dude! Not some dumb sissy bitch! You decide to tell Rachel as soon as she is home from work, and straighten this mess out!

Rachel gets home at five-thirty but she is not alone. With her are her best friend, Monica, your step-sister Amy, as well as someone you have never seen before! Having practised what you want to say you take her into the kitchen for privacy.

“Rachel” you begin, “I don’t really think that this whole, me being a girl, and you fucking my ass thing is my style.” Each word is delivered carefully and slowly, and you watch Rachel’s face for a reaction.

“That’s a shame, Ross” she replies. “I had hoped I wouldn’t need this,” and before you can react she jabs a needle into your arm. The warm fluid flows into your blood stream and you scream out.

“What the fuck Rachel?”

“That’s mistress Rachel to you!” she smirks, as slowly your body stops responding, and you lose all control over your body while remaining fully conscious. You can only watch as Rachel calls the other girls in.

“Right, up to the bedroom then girls,” she says, as she and your sister lift you and plop you on the bed. A chair is taken into the en-suite, as you are moved to sit there, and watch your reflection in the mirror.

“Ross,” Rachel says, “this is Stephanie. She is going to make you over, isn’t that exciting?”

You can only scream in your head “No!” as your face is shaved, waxed and even plucked! Then, Stephanie begins to add make up, teaching Rachel as she goes, so it can be reapplied when necessary, and after another five minutes of pampering, your face is transformed into that of a woman! You have big, bimbo lips, trashy eyeshadow and too much foundation, resulting in a Katy-Price-like look! Then, she moves on, waxing your chest, arms and armpits, making you completely smooth in the upper body. Globs of breast mould adhesive is piled onto your chest, as big DD cups are glued on, before she tackles downstairs. Now standing to attention, your erection is iced and your pubes shaved. Then, a needle enters first one ass cheek, then the other, injecting a strange liquid.

“This is so you have a nice round ass like us!” Rachel explains.

Finally your legs are shaved, waxed and moisturized, and then your sister takes over. First, she glues a blonde wig to your head, to really complete a barbie look, then glues on a cardigan that barely covers your new tits, reaching just above the stomach. The sweat you produce will break down the glue, but it will be a day before it comes off! Then a PVC skirt is glued just under the bottom of the cardigan, while still being allowed to be pulled up. It barely covers you new round, bubble-like ass.

Rachel lies you on the bed before whispering goodnight, and injects another fluid, which causes you to fall asleep, away from this hell.