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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

You awake a little after noon with long hair in your eyes, and understand your fresh hell is not a nightmare, as you were hoping. Jumping up with a start, you desperately tug at your new clothes and wig, but neither budge, and you groan in disbelief! How could Rachel do this to you?

As if on cue Rachel stalks in, brandishing a pair of handcuffs, a collar and a leash.

“Come on slut,” she says, and with little opportunity for resistance she handcuffs you and places the collar around your neck. It’s embellished with the word ‘slut.’ You sigh as she attaches the leash and pulls you out the room.

Downstairs you are met with the wolf-whistles of your step-sister Amy and Monica, Rachel’s best friend. As you are paraded down the hall, and into the basement, each girl takes time to smack your new ass, painfully causing arousal in your chastised dick.

In the basement, Rachel’s new sex workshop is filled with goodies! A whole range of handcuffs, gags, spreaderbars, stocks, St Andrew’s cross — the works. Unlocking your handcuffs, Rachel slaps your ass and says, “Dance for us bitch!”

She motions to the centre of the room where a solitary pole stands to the ceiling. Amy and Monica pull a sofa over to the pole. Clearly impatient, Rachel injects you and then repeats, “Come on now babe, dance.”

Suddenly, your control and resilience leaves your body, as it follows each of Rachel’s orders. Stepping up to the pole, you twirl around, giving the girls a view of your body, before performing a teasing dance to the girls. All the while you mind screams not to. Your body proceeds to give each girl a thrilling lap-dance to the sound of a rhythmic beat, before Rachel drags you over to a wooden horse. Bending you over the horse, she secures your limbs before gagging you with a ring gag. She leaves Amy and Monica to fuck your mouth with strap-ons while she heads back upstairs.

After both girls’ fake cocks have exploded down your throat Rachel returns from upstairs, wearing a drop-dead sexy outfit. High heels and socks cover her feet, suit trousers starting from where they leave off lead up her legs to her gorgeous ass. A black jumper and blazer cover a white blouse, and the knot of a tie sticks out of the V-neck of the jumper. Demanding silence from the room, she struts towards you and pulls up your skirt. Unlocking the chastity belt and letting it fall off, she smacks your ass to get you nice and hard before donning a big 10“ strap-on.

She leans over and whispers, “Let’s find out who has wears the trousers, eh? Beg!”

The open-ended statement allows you some say, and you finally find your voice.