Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

A few hours of bondage and a quick nap later and your attention is brought to the clicking of heels on the stone surface of the basement. Your girlfriend looks down at you disapprovingly and unlocks each of your limbs. Removing the gag, you rub the feeling back to your extremities and slowly creep upstairs. You are relieved to find both other girls gone, and relieved even more when you get to your room and discover the now-loose feeling of your wig and new breasts.

“Now you are all sweaty aren’t you?” Rachel asks.

Slowly you nod, “Yes mistress.”

Removing the breast forms and wig she says to you, “Go shower now,” before lying down what is in her hands and lightly pushing you into the ensuite.

You are happy to find the clothes easily removed, and, once in the shower, the make-up washes away easily and painlessly. Upon reflection you begin to wonder what you have gotten yourself into, when a mystery hand enters the shower and switches off the water. Grabbing your dick, the hand pulls you from the shower, and a towel is thrown into your face.

“Dry!” Rachel’s voice commands, and you happily comply, not wanting to stand naked and wet. Dry, you look around for clothes, before remembering what you came in wearing. Reading your thoughts, Rachel says, “You won’t need clothes right now,” and you stand, naked, as she approaches. Thigh-high heel boots and fishnet stocking cover her legs and a leather corset covers from the bottom of her body to the top of her breasts. Diving deep into her cleavage is a key on a chain, but with your eyes wandering elsewhere, you become erect and distracted.

“Come on then,” she says, grabbing your hard-on and pulling you into the bedroom and onto a chair. She starts to groom your body, removing any excess hairs, and then moisturizing all over. Then she applies copious amounts of adhesive to your DD breast moulds and sticks them perfectly in place. She focuses up, on your face, as she re-applies the make-up you previously washed away, returning you to your bimbo self. She bleaches your hair and eyebrows, before giving you back your bimbo wig, assuring you that one day your natural hair will be that long, so no wig will be needed. Finally she injects your ass with the filler, to make it look rounder and plumper.

“Whoops, forgot about this little guy!” she says, hinting to your cock, as she slowly begins to ice it back down to being flaccid. Removing the key from her necklace, she unlocks a chastity belt and slides your penis in. As she locks you back up she picks up a collar from her desk and slides it around your neck, before putting on your panties and bra for bed time.