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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kyky...)

“Can I fuck her too?” asks Ben.

“Wait, can you what?” you ask in disbelief. Ben is Rachel’s flesh and blood. It isn’t like they are half siblings, or step siblings, or even adopted. They are full blood siblings! Ben is only about two to four years younger than Rachel. He is pretty ripped as well.

You leave the room to talk to him about this because you don’t want your girlfriend hearing about this. “Ross, I really want to fuck Rachel,” Ben says nervously over the phone.

“Are you fucking insane? That is your big sister dude! How do you even know what is going on right now? Also, why would she even say yes?” You are totally in shock — you have known Ben for a long time and you never suspected anything like this.

“Listen, I was hanging out with Jake and I overheard him talking about it. I don’t know if she will say yes, but I gotta give it a shot man. I have been fantasizing about this my whole life. Do you have any idea how much it sucks to have a hot sister?”

You think about it for a second and finally respond, “Okay, okay. Listen, I don’t really have a problem with it. She is in the kitchen right now fucking the pizza boy, Jamie and Jake regardless. I am not sure how much crazier the situation can get. Where are you?” you ask.

“I am right outside,” he says. You sigh. There is just no way this could turn out well. “Alright, I’ll let you in, but you are the one who is going to have to convince her.”

Ben agrees and you go to the front door to let him in. You escort him to the kitchen. The moans can be heard from several rooms away. Finally you get to the kitchen door. Before you turn the knob you look at Ben. “Good luck man.”

Ben nods and you open the door.

As soon as you open the door, you see the pizza boy cum all the way into Rachel’s ass. Rachel’s takes Jamie’s cock out of her mouth and looks up to see her brother and her boyfriend standing there.

“Ben?” she gasps in surprise. Immediately she stands up. Jake slips out of her pussy and Jamie, the Pizza boy and Jake stand in the corner awkwardly.

Rachel is standing there naked with cum dripping out of her asshole. “Ben, what the fuck are you doing here?”

You can see your girlfriend is confused and angry. “I am just going to stand over here,” you say as you move to the awkward corner with everyone else.

“Sis, I realize this is fucked up beyond all imagination, but I have fantasized about you for a long time. Even when we were kids I had a crush on you. As soon as you started dating Ross I knew you two got along so well and that I would possibly never get a chance. But with you fucking all these guys right now I thought that maybe this was finally my opportunity.” Ben stops talking and stares at his sexy naked sister for a moment. There is awkward silence.

Rachel finally speaks. “Are you fucking insane? You’re my brother! What would our parents think of this? I used to read you fucking bedtime stories at night!” She keeps on listing off things. You know that this is not going well for Ben. He finally interrupts. “Are you telling me you have never even thought about it? Not once?”

Rachel stutters, “I-I mean…” She is struggling to find words. You look at Jamie and you are both thinking the same thing: ‘She fantasizes about her brother?’

“Look,” she says, “You have a nice body, I won’t lie, but I have never thought about actually doing anything.”

Ben looks at her and recognizes the look in her eyes. He then takes off his shirt and pants to reveal his ten-inch hard dick. All you can hear is an “Oh fuck” escape her mouth.

“Just one time, no one has to know except for the people in this room and we will never mention again, right guys?” He looks at us and we all nod in agreement.

Your girlfriend sighs. “Okay, fine. We have no condoms so you will have to go bareback. Just please don’t cum in my pussy. I don’t even want to think of the problems that could cause. Now let me suck my baby brother’s cock.”

She smiles and gets down on her knees in front of Ben. Everyone takes this as a cue to surround her for a group blowjob.

“Hold on,” she says with her brother’s cock in her hand. “Let’s see, we have five cocks surrounding me right now. I only have three holes so two of these need to go.” She finally notices the cum dripping out of her ass. “Pizza boy, you are finished. You need to go.” Pizza boy has no issues as he got to bust a huge load in your girlfriend’s ass.

“And you,” says Rachel, pointing at your seven-inch dick, “you are the smallest of the group so you need to put yourself to better use. My asshole needs to be cleaned for one of these huge cocks. Would you suck his cum out while I blow these sexy boys?” she laughs.

You feel a little embarrassed but you comply. She sucks on Jamie, Ben, and Jake’s cock while you are under her, sucking cum out of her asshole. You get a brief look at Ben who is in his own personal heaven watching his sexy older sister slurp on his dick.

You finally finish swallowing all of the pizza boy’s cum. Your girlfriend looks down at you and then back up at the other boys again. “Oops, it looks like ‘little dick’ is done. Time for me to get fucked again!” She looks up at Ben seductively, “And my sweet little brother gets my tight pussy. Sorry Boys”

In the meantime, you are a little hurt. She has never called you “Little dick” before in all the time you have been together. Seven inches is above average, right?

Jamie lies on the table and your girlfriend lies with her back on top of him so that he can fuck her ass. Ben slowly pushes his fat cock into his sister’s pussy as she looks seductively into his eyes. She grabs Jake’s cock and is about to suck it when she lifts a foot in the air and looks at you. “Hey Ross, can you come suck on my toes while I get fucked? I would let Ben do it, but he doesn’t really like feet and I always love it when you do it during sex. There is really no need for you to just be standing there anyways.”

You think for a second. Is this insulting? Do you find this degrading behavior hot? How will you respond to this?