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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You wake up the next day full of enthusiasm. Today, you get to fuck Rachel’s hot mom! You start fantasizing about all the kinks she might be into — maybe she’s a total sub! Maybe a total domme! Your dick can barely stay in your pants.

Her mom Ashley is in her early fifties, yet she’s still sexy as hell. She has shoulder-length light brown hair with dark green eyes and an almost permanent smile. What’s more, she has an impressive 32C bra size and an ass just as big.

Rachel invites her mother over for dinner and explains the situation. “Mom, me and Ross would like a bit of spice in the bedroom, and a fantasy of mine is to see the two of you have sex.”

Ashley seems understandably confused, but lets Rachel continue.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to see for a while, and not just to see Ross fuck another woman.”

“What do you mean?” asks Ashley. “You’re worried your father doesn’t give me enough at home?”

“Well, I do worry about that sometimes. I still remember when I was a kid and you were insatiable,” Rachel answers.

“That was years ago, dear,” her mom replies. “But I will admit it’s been a while since he’s left me completely satisfied. Ross?”

“Yes, Ashley?” you ask.

“I want you to know what you’re getting into. When sex begins, I’m like an animal. I bite and scratch and make it as rough as can be. I even enjoy a bit of sadism from time to time. That’s the reason it took me so long to get married and have Rachel — I scared all the other men off!”

“That’s actually true, Ross,” Rachel adds. “I remember Dad used to be covered in scratches and there were always plenty of bite marks on his neck. I didn’t remember beforehand.”

“So, do you think you can satisfy a primal animal like myself? If you have any doubts whatsoever, then I wouldn’t blame you for changing your mind,” Ashley tells you.

You think it over for a minute.