Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by maverick...)

You and Rachel are suddenly transported back in time about seven-hundred years. You find yourselves completely naked in a tropical forest. The forest is very warm and filled with vegetation and all kinds of fruit. The palm trees provide shade, however your bodies feel the heat.

Rachel says the machine must work and you agree. “We must be in a tropical forest but where? And will we be able to return to our own time?” you question.

Your girlfriend looks at you and smiles. “I have a secret to tell you Ross. I am your mother.”

As you look at her, her nipples began to harden, and she stares back at you, your dick begins to rise.

She then reminds you of why you are here. “Sweetheart,” she says, “we came back in time so I could eat my own pussy. I want you to watch me while I eat my pussy.”

You both sit in front of each other. Rachel smiles at you and pulls her legs up to her tits. She moves her head between her legs and with her tongue she begins probing for her hole. Finding it, she lets her tongue run alongside and then deep inside, making slurping sounds as she relishes the taste.

“It tastes so good,” she says. “I am going to cum. Did you enjoy watching? My pussy is now so wet — would you like a taste?”

Rachel opens her mouth and engulfs your cock, sucking furiously as you stick your tongue in her wet pussy. You are both locked together like two animals.