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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

I want to go dancing at that new night club, in that short dress you can kind of see through, while I’m not wearing a bra or panties!“ Rachel tells you nervously.

Your cock grows hard just at the thought. “Ok, that sounds great!” You give your girlfriend an excited smile, and realize you can’t wait for tomorrow night.

“You really like the idea? I was worried about how you’d react!” Rachel says, the relief plain on her face. “Hmm, how should I show my appreciation?”

Your girlfriend smiles playfully, then slides down and gives you the best head you’ve ever had.

The next evening seems to take forever to arrive, but when you get home from work, you see your girlfriend is already dressed and ready to go, and you hope it’s at least a little dark in the club, because the dress isn’t just a little sheer, you can easily see right through!

“Oh my god Rachel, I don’t know if we are even going to make it to the club with you dressed like that!” you say with a grin.

“Oh shut up, hurry and get dressed. We are going to the club,” she tells you.

When you get to the club the bouncer takes one look at your girlfriend, and admits you both without having to pay the cover, although he insists on a thorough pat down of Rachel, for security purposes. She grins at you as you impatiently watch the bouncer running his hands over her tits, and around her ass and thighs.

You finally get in, and your girlfriend pulls you towards the dance floor. “Come on, I love this song!” she yells over the music. Rachel grinds her ass against your groin, and slides up and down you, and despite the low lighting, is definitely drawing a lot of attention.

As the first song ends, she asks you to go and grab you both some drinks. You move quickly to the bar, and after a long wait, order your drinks. While waiting, you notice Rachel dancing with some other guy, although a bit less provocatively than she had been with you. After a few minutes, you lose sight of her in the crowded dance floor. Finally, you get your drinks from the bartender and head back onto the dance floor to find your girlfriend.

Rachel seems to have gotten a drink already from the guys she’s dancing with, and as you come up next her, she turns and starts grinding against one of them, and yells to you that this guy and his friends already gave her three drinks, and that she had to dance with them a little more as thanks. Then she quickly downs the one you brought her. She reaches down and grabs your hard-on through your pants, and grins, “well, aren’t you enjoying the show!”

You step back and watch the men crowd around her, touching her all over through her dress.