Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by maverick...)

Rachel is lifted on the bar by one of the guys. She dances seductively for a while before pulling her dress up over her head, revealing her complete lack of underwear. The crowd roars as her boobs and pussy are exposed.

Your girlfriend kicks off her shoes and throws each one at the audience. They all clap as she shakes her tits from side to side, the strobe light focusing on one breast then the other, highlighting her lipstick-painted nipples. Then she turns her back and wiggles her bare ass, bending forward so that her pussy peeks out from between her thighs.

Three naked guys suddenly jump on the bar with Rachel and they all start bumping and grinding together. All three dicks are soon rock-hard and she drops to her knees, sucking each in turn.

The crowd goes wild as one guy grabs her by the hips and pulls her into doggy-position. He rams his prick deep inside her, pushing her forward and causing her to almost choke on the dick in her mouth. They match rhythms as they spit-roast her.

Feeling left out, the third guy slides beneath Rachel and makes a play for her pussy from below. The guy currently fucking her pussy takes it in his stride, withdrawing to allow his mate access before plunging his wet dick into her ass instead.

The crowd is screaming and cheering as your girlfriend takes three cocks at once on the bar. Her eyes are wide and watering, causing mascara streaks on her cheeks. One of her hands is rubbing her clit frantically as she starts to orgasm. Meanwhile a spectator has shaken up a bottle of cheap champagne and is spraying it all over their four thrusting bodies.