Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

It hasn’t taken Rachel long to break you, and when she did you broke hard. You can’t understand why, but you love it. The hug of the tight skirts, the soft silky panties, and the feeling of her strap-on up your ass. While her cock often makes nightly appearances to your ass, it is your own cock that is troubling you. Released weekly, it does not satisfy you enough to be ass-fucked once. Each week your craving for the fucking grows, until one day Rachel realizes it.

One night, hands and feet tied to the bed, Rachel and you begin the weekly cock-cage-free ass-fucking. Your collar and leash around your neck, stockings half way up your legs, and skirt pulled up, your girlfriend drives into you like a woman possessed, bringing you closer to cumming. Sensing you on the edge she stops and struts around to your face.

“I have been thinking,” she begins, “and I want you to be a permanent girl!”

“How so?” you ask.

“Well, no more breast forms — proper fake breasts, hormones, the works, you know?”

“Yeah I know what you mean,” you nod, before giving this some thought. Sure, it would be so strange, but you know that you will keep your cock, so you’re not fussed there. You are tired of gluing breast forms onto your chest, and the filler in your ass needs re-doing almost daily.