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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Screw this,” you think as you change out of your rumpled clothes and then head for the door. Eventually you arrive at Rachel’s work. It’s now quite late, and you slip through the door and hurry inside as a couple exit hand-in-hand. Pausing, you hear the muffled sounds of people and head in that direction.

Stopping outside a door you can clearly hear Rachel laughing over the general rabble of voices. Feeling more relaxed that your girlfriend is okay, you reach for the door handle, only to nearly jump out of your skin as a hand touches you on your shoulder.

“Excuse me, are you lost? This is a private party. Senior execs only, haha! If you wait back there I’m sure whoever you’re looking for will be right out,” says a guy grey haired man pointing over his shoulder.

Not wanting to cause a scene you reply, “Thanks man. Sure thing!” and walk back to the waiting area.

The guy opens the door and slips inside, rubbing his hands together as he does so. Wandering around the reception area not knowing what to do, you notice a door marked “security” and give it a soft knock. There is no response so you try the handle, which turns slowly in your hand.

Inside is a terminal displaying security camera footage of the front entrance. “What the hell,” you shrug, taking a seat and clicking on the tab marked “corridor 1.”

The footage changes and you see the empty hall you just left. Your mind goes into overdrive and you race to the entrance door, flick the lock and then return to the terminal, closing and locking the door behind you for good measure. Nervously you click on the tab marked “Boardroom 1,” and the monitor shows a room with a large table in the centre with a variety of beer bottles arranged at one end. There is a group of about six men, all in their fifties, standing surrounding a woman: your girlfriend.

The men are all clearly vying for Rachel’s attention and two of the men have their hands on her shoulders. One of them is John. John says something and leads your girlfriend over to the table. He leaves her there and walks over to a small cabinet before reaching in and fiddling away inside. You start to hear music in the distance and you recognize it as “You can leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker.

You see Rachel laugh, shaking her head, but John walks back to your girlfriend nodding seriously. He lifts her up and plonks her on the table, then lifts her feet one at a time and pulls off her flat shoes. He steps back and gestures. Rachel laughs even harder and shrugs in a “what’s a girl to do?” fashion, then stands up and starts swaying in a sexy little dance.

The room erupts with applause, which seems to spur your girlfriend on. She downs her beer in a series of long swallows with her lips wrapped around the neck of the bottle, moving it slowly deeper and then withdrawing it with each swallow, never stopping the sexy swaying. The men move forward to surround the table, reaching out and pulling at the hem of her dress.

Your girlfriend shakes her head, smiles and pulls her dress up above her knees out of their reach, showing off her beautiful thighs, before letting it down again. Two of the men apparently decide they want more and grab the hem, pulling it taught. They work together ripping and tearing it until its nothing more than a miniskirt, showing her suspenders and stockings.

Rachel holds a hand to her mouth miming horror, and kneels down to hide her modesty. Another man reaches forward and pulls at the top of the dress, ripping the buttons down to her navel, putting her boobs on display encased in a lacy white bra. John appears from behind Rachel and pulls her back so that she is lying across the table with her head hanging off the edge. He unzips his pants and steps over her.

He says something, and your girlfriend opens her mouth. John slides his cock slowly past her lips. The angle is perfect and in no time he is balls-deep in Rachel’s mouth, pumping in long slow strokes. Two other men step up to either side, taking Rachel’s hands and placing them on their swollen members. Rachel immediately starts stoking them.

The other men go crazy at this point and tear her dress completely from her beautiful body, pulling her bra down below her boobs and ripping her panties off. One man climbs up on the table and straddles her chest, pushing her boobs together and fucking them. His cock is so large that it bumps into her chin with each thrust. Her legs are pulled wide apart and the other men start pawing at her legs, rubbing and squeezing her calves and thighs. One man reaches up higher and slides a fat finger into her pussy, fucking her with it.

Rachel suddenly shudders in orgasm so violently that the man titty-fucking her has to hold on to her boobs to avoid being bucked off. This seems to set him off and he cums in a torrent all over Rachel’s face and neck. At the same time, John clamps her head still, leans back and erupts down her throat.

After that it is total chaos, and they roughly flip Rachel over and pull her to the edge of the table. One man steps up behind her and sinks his huge cock into her warm wet pussy. Another climbs up onto the table and sits in front of Rachel, and she willingly swallows him. He pushes her head down onto his cock and you can see Rachel gag and retch as he holds her there before pulling her off and pushing her head down again. She just opens her mouth willingly, saliva spilling out onto the table top.

The others form lines at either end, squeezing her boobs and pinching and pulling her nipples, until you can see they are red and swollen. Rachel shudders in orgasm again, and the men take the opportunity to switch positions. The mauling continues like this, with them rotating each time your girlfriend orgasms, taking turns to fuck her face and pussy and molest her boobs and legs. All except John. He only has her blow him. You see her rocking back and forth between the cock in her mouth and the cock in her pussy, no longer a passive participant, working them with her body. You wonder if she trying to get them off, trying to please them? Or is she a total wanton slut, lost in her own pleasure?

Either way, you can’t believe what you are watching. Your pretty, and until now faithful, girlfriend has transformed into a complete slut enjoying being spit-roasted across an office table by a bunch of old men. It only took John a couple of days to do this to your girlfriend. How can that be? Was it always deep inside her and John just brought it out? Was she waiting for you to do this, and could you have managed to if you tried? Worse yet, she never felt this way around you?

Looking back at the screen, you see John step away from the table, pulling his huge cock from her mouth. He lifts her head up by the hair and takes a picture. When he is done, one of the other men steps up to replace him and John circles the table with his camera, by the looks of it recording video as well. You can’t take your eyes off of Rachel for long and stare back at her pretty body, covered in red hand prints and welts, cum and saliva dribbling out of her mouth stuffed with cock, more cum dripping out of her pussy, running down her ass and thighs.

Suddenly, you almost shriek as your phone buzzes.

Rachel: That dress was a real stroke of genius, Ross! I kept to the agreement though. I didn’t fuck her.

Your phone buzzes again. It’s the picture of Rachel you saw John just take. She’s smiling at the camera, her lipstick is smeared around her open mouth which is filled with John’s cum, and she’s letting some dribble down her chin. You can clearly see a man’s torso fucking her from behind, and there are several hands reaching under squeezing her boobs and pulling on her nipples, stretching them down towards the table’s surface.

You stare at the picture, not knowing if you should walk out of the building or into “board room 1.” In any case, how the hell will Rachel get home in the state she is in, especially with her dress so badly torn up? Maybe you should wait for her?