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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Grabbing the lube, you squirt some onto Rachel’s ass, and rub some on your cock before stroking the head of your cock against her back door.

“Do you want this baby?” you ask.

“Yes please,” whispers your girlfriend.

“Okay, but scream ‘red’ for me to stop,” you tell her, before slowly pushing your cock into her plump round ass. Rachel releases a guttural moan from her throat as you bottom out, and start to pull back out. Thrusting in and out, you slowly gain a rhythm to your fucking. Meanwhile Rachel’s breathing and moaning has increased.

As you increasing your speed, Rachel begins screaming at you. “Fuck me harder! Please, make me your slut! Pull my hair and fuck my ass!”

Taking the last request literally, you grab a handful of hair and pull hard as you continue to fuck her ass.

With a high pitched squeal, Rachel orgasms hard, contracting her anal muscles around your cock, causing you to explode in her bowels.

“Thanks babe,” you whisper, as you slip out of her chute.