Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Cocky...)

You don’t hesitate before replying. “Well, Ashley, I’ve fucked my fair share of animalistic women. All this talk about biting and scratching is turning me on. Can we begin?”

Ashley practically growls at you, the lust in her tone evident. “Fuck yeah. I haven’t had a real fuck since before I gave birth to your slut, whose pussy is getting wetter as we talk. Let’s not keep her waiting. I need to taste your cum…”

Grabbing your hardening dick, she leads you upstairs and into the bedroom. You feel a rush of excitement (and blood into your member) as you ponder what might happen. She roughly gropes your manhood, and her large, but tight, ass jiggles as she walks. You give it a rough smack. You’re rewarded with her moan, and she stuffs her hand in your pants to feel your dick. Meanwhile you finger fuck her asshole from behind.

You get to the bedroom, and Rachel grabs two vibrators, rips all her clothes off, and collapses in a chair, sticking one up her ass, and the other in her pussy. This is almost enough to make you cum already.

You pull your girlfriend’s mom into a deep kiss while groping her everywhere you can. She smiles cheekily and pulls away. You sit on the bed and strip all your clothes.

That’s when Ashley pounces, ripping her flannel shirt open and popping all the buttons, revealing her breasts, bouncing out at you. She rolls you over a few times, scratching you in several places. You end up on top of her. “Fuck me Ross. I’m an animal that needs to be fucked, now fuck me like the dirty slut I am!”