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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

’Erm … Umm…’ You havn’t given this part much thought, but Rachel has an answer pre-prepared.

“How about Danni?” she asks, “short for Danielle?”

You struggle for an answer, as your girlfriend strides over imposingly.

“It’s a real slut name too, isn’t it?” she asks again, reaching behind you and rubbing your neck. “Such a great fuckslut name? Huh? Don’t you agree? I can just hear it now: ooh Danni, suck my cock harder!’ she whispers, teasingly rubbing your new tits. Slowly, she slips one finger into your ass, moving slowly in and out. At the sound of your coos she increases pace, and your cock rises, male functions carried out despite your new female hormones.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” she asks. “All you need do is beg me to fuck Danni right in her shemale ass. Can you do that?” By this time, you really are hot and horny, and Rachel’s finger in your ass feels so good, so her fake cock can only feel better.

Moaning your whisper, “Please fuck Danni right in her shemale ass!”

“Gladly,” Rachel replies. Slipping her finger out of you she dons her black strap-on, and slides it into your ass. You moan in pleasure at the huge feeling and she begins working it in and out. After a few minutes of her fucking your ass, the feeling in your cock maxes out and you cum all over your new corset.

Sliding out of your ass, Rachel whispers, “Good girl Danni.”